Invest 91L Likely to Develop and Impact SE US Coast

   Posted by Levi at 9:28pm on June 30, 2014




  • Anonymous says:

    Needs to overcome dry air first not sure how models are showing this thing strenthen much.

  • harry cane says:

    Levi, Are the warming of the waters in the Pacific off of South America happening yet? If not,is it a given that it will happen?

  • TomKat says:

    Steady winds from the NE in Melbourne, FL the past few days. Expected more clouds this morning but when i left for work it was sunny….some low clouds moving pretty fast which are part of the system but nothing too significant yet. The system is too close to the coast to generate any good surf, but maybe as it lifts north there will be a small window of time where we will have decent waves.

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