Arthur Likely to Be A Strengthening Hurricane and Pass Near Outer Banks

   Posted by Levi at 8:09pm on July 1, 2014

Official Forecast Track:




  • Hoff511 says:

    Hey Levi,
    Thanks again for your analysis. Great stuff as always. I’m sure you are completely engrossed in college, work, life, so it is very cool you still do the tidbits. It is a nice counterbalance to direct from NHC and my own observations. I am not ashamed to admit you have even taught me a thing or two over the years. Have you decided where you are doing your masters yet? If I’m not mistaken that should be if not next year, the year after? Anyway. Keep up the great work and I look forward to your tidbits throughout the season.

  • Richard Beatty says:

    Excellent analysis. You really do a stellar job in putting it all together. The water vapor imagery is amazing. I still marvel at how far we’ve come in our use of weather satellites and computer forecasting.

    thanks for your posts!

  • Tanya says:

    Thanks Levi. Been following you for quite a while now. By the way did you know the emails you send out show up 24 hours late? I get your updates from facebook so I see them as soon as posted and ignore the email which comes the following day.

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