Areas to Watch in the Tropics Next 10 Days as Cristobal Exits

   Posted by Levi at 10:18pm on August 25, 2014




  • Redmoon says:

    Levi, I think you are pretty amazing. I even understand as you explain. Thanks!

  • Scott says:

    Thanks for the education Levi. Well done as usual.

  • JRRP says:

    The GFS is forecasting a Hurricane near CV…

  • Byron says:

    Love that thought: “Never trust a front in the Gulf [of Mexico] in August.” Thanks for your continuing comments; yhour analysis is rational and informative. Live in Sarasota (centraL FL west coast) and always concerned about late season developements. Unbelievable heat here currently. Normal highs around 93-95; last several days have touched 98-100. Gulf water is like a bathtub; approacing 90. Our biggest threat here is usually very early season or October. Will be interesting to see what bubbles up in the Gulf the next several months.

  • Steph says:

    Thanks, Levi!

    I’m so thrilled to have found you! I’m a boat chick, currently in puerto Rico for hurricane season. I’m telling all of my boatee/island friends about you. you are amazing!
    All the best,

  • ossqss says:

    Has anyone ever witnessed a hurricane designation without a CDO?

  • KevinM says:

    Very educational Levi like another said easily understandable. ;-)

  • John says:

    Nice work, much appreciated. Just saw you are at FSU. FSU grads here too! Go Noles!

  • Davanji says:

    Excellent video. Thanks.

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