Gonzalo Sets Sights on Bermuda; Ana May Threaten Hawaii

   Posted by Levi at 12:35pm on October 14, 2014




  • sflicht says:

    Hi Levi,

    Care to comment in more depth about 92E in your next tidbit? I’m especially interested in how well models have performed historically in forecasting crossovers from EPAC to the BOC.

    Thanks! I’m a huge fan of your videos and your website in general.


  • Joe A says:

    Hi Levi

    I love your site, and am a WU lurker. I normally don’t feel that I have the expertise to comment, but when I look at the trough it looks like the southern part is racing off ahead of the northern part. Would this allow Gonzalo to come further west to, say, New England? I notice the forecast track has crept west a bit from yesterday.

    An appreciative amateur.

    • Levi says:

      Hi Joe,

      If you mean the trough over New England, yes the southern part moves faster, but the entire trough is not replaced by a blocking ridge, and it would take a blocking ridge to direct Gonzalo that far west. That won’t happen here, don’t worry.


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