Invest 90L Could Develop and Bring Heavy Rain to Parts of the Carolinas and Georgia

   Posted by Levi at 6:58pm on May 6, 2015




  • Mark says:

    Thanks Levi. Excellent description.
    It certainly looks like its going to hang around for a while.

  • Brandon says:

    Excellent discussion, I have learned SOOOOO much from watching your informative vids.

  • Alex says:

    I always enjoy watching your videos. Thanks for the update!

  • Nas says:

    I’m not super familiar with that area , but it looks to me like the clseost location listed on the chart is Farmington, with a date of May 1. If you tend to have similar weather to Farmington, I would use that date. You’re right on the edge of the two groups. If it is a mild winter/spring and you are excited, I would follow the yellow schedule. If it is a cold winter-spring and you are more relaxed, I would use the green schedule.

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