Ana to Make Landfall Sunday Morning While Weakening

   Posted by Levi at 4:06pm on May 9, 2015




  • Carol Mahler says:

    Thank you Levi for taking the time from school & work to keep us abreast of Ana and keep educating us!


  • HarryCane says:

    Hi Levi, Can you make any quick comments on this upcoming hurricane season? Are you in agreement with the NHC?

  • Jason says:

    Hey Lev- What date are doing your outlook on this upcoming hurricane?

  • bigB says:


    I’ve been wondering the same thing as HarryCane and Jason. Please let us know when you have the time. It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

    P.S. As of May 16th and 17th, there seems to be an issue with your ocean analysis data updating correctly/on time.

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