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July 2016

Invest 97L a Potential Threat to Central America in a Few Days – Bringing Blustery Weather to Caribbean Islands

   Posted by Levi at 4:19pm on July 31, 2016

Update Monday 9:00AM AST:

Invest 97L has become better organized overnight, with deep convection over the wave axis. There is no evidence yet of a closed surface circulation. However, 97L is still capable of bringing tropical storm-like conditions to Jamaica tonight, with winds of 50mph or stronger at times. Residents of Jamaica should treat this as a tropical storm.

As 97L gets farther west, it will become easier to close off a circulation, and as soon as that happens, it could begin strengthening. Mexico, Belize, and Honduras should keep a close eye on this system, as they could be threatened by a tropical storm or hurricane late Wednesday or early Thursday.




  • Anonymous says:

    Keep up the good work you explain these systems like no one else!!

  • Helen Murphy says:

    Thanks Levi. will be watching this from Roatan just off the coast of Honduras.

  • Sher Donovan says:

    Let’s hope this goes north and leaves Roatan alone!!!

  • Lorna says:

    Thanks Tidbits, I watch for your video overtime we have a TD.

  • Tiffany says:

    LOVE your site & knowledge!! thank you! Originally from WU, yes? excellent in every way. Cocoa Beach, FL

  • sweetcheeks says:

    Thanks Lev. Good info as always.

  • gerry says:

    Thanks Levi,

    Great as always… Based on the models It may affect the Yucatan in Mexico as well right? which is North America 😉


    • Levi says:

      My apologies Gerry – it is just a lot easier to refer to that entire section of the continent as “central,” based on its latitude, despite Mexico actually being part of North America. The entire Yucatan Peninsula and surrounding countries is a pretty distinct region.

      • Gerry says:

        Hi Levi,

        I truly appreciate your work and have been following you since the WU days. It was really just a small joke more than anything. Keep up the great work. Looks like 97L will survive the next day and get stronger. Will have to keep our eyes on it here in the Mexican Caribbean. Have a great one

  • Reid says:

    We all love his work, so please remember to throw him a few bucks, and maybe he’ll increase his incredible videos.

  • Eric says:

    Will be traveling to Cancun August 10th.
    Where do you think 97L will be by then?

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