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September 2016
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Watching Julia and Karl – Both Very Weak for Now

   Posted by Levi at 3:46pm on September 17, 2016




  • Rick Billings says:

    Thanks for today’s video, Levi. Julia is still plugging along and Karl’s long range path has me concerned for US East Coast. I hope it re-curves with minimal impacts to Bermuda.

  • Waylon Garcia says:

    Something in the back of my mind just makes me not trust the models after 99l. It went from nothing to something very quickly. Hurricane season 2004 made me dislike this time of year very much lol. I love your website very much. You give very good explanations in terms I can understand. Thank you for what you do man.

  • Roberts says:

    THanks Levi. Always good to see your Vids and hear your analysis . Live on eastern edge of Northern Bahamas. This time of year always keep a weary eye on tropical systems To the South east of us

  • Jean-michel (John) de speville says:

    Thanks for the video and you are the best at explaining everything in detail for us.
    Best regards:Jean=michel (john) de speville from Cairns,Australia

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you Levi for your report. I soak up your reports and they satisfy my weather report cravings with great balance of technical information and educate. I sail the oceans and operate a boat sitting out the TS season in extreme NE Bahamas.

  • Okeetee says:

    The hyperbole of the Weather Channel is off the charts when it comes to these tropical storms and hurricanes! Nice to see guys like you and Mike Suddoth bring some sanity to the forecasting of these storms so we don’t have a mass evacuation of the South Carolina Coast again! Especially since everybody in town knows that 90% of fatalities and 90% of Hurricane damage occurs within 3 MILES of the beach!

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