[Saturday] Irma a Dangerous Hurricane – Could Impact Leeward Antilles Next Week

   Posted by Levi at 6:40pm on September 2, 2017




  • Nick says:

    Thanks Levi. Here in Antigua your insights are invaluable . Await Monday’s blog for any signs of the hoped for shift N W but planning for the storm anyway.

  • Donsense says:

    This reluctant to turn North hurricane reminds me of another late august early September beast from many years ago when you were a you gster on WU. . Those turns become more critical every hour. Have your opinions of the forcing ridges and troughs become any clearer Levi?

  • james says:

    Levi, If it is possible can you include a clear explanation of pressure gradients and how it relates to the strength of a storm and its winds. Long time lurker on WU. You explain somethings very clearly and concisely. My specific hang up has to do with Irma 926 millibars being so strong 185 mph when andrew was 922, gilbert 888, wilma 882, labor day 892 etc. not sure how to correlate the info.

  • Cindy Wilson says:

    Excellent ,concise,in depth and understandable. Thank you so much. Having a friend in the path of Irma with a dog rescue who cannot evacuate , but with your help can take the best appropriate measure in timely manner is life saving. Thank you.

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