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September 2017

[Sunday Morning] – Hurricane Irma Crossing the Florida Keys

   Posted by Levi at 11:52am on September 10, 2017

Latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center on Hurricane Irma




  • Katie says:

    Our news lady in Pensacola is saying not to worry. Is there a chance for tropical winds here?

    • Levi says:

      It won’t be really bad there, but there is a 20-30% chance for tropical storm force winds based on the National Hurricane Center forecast. Could potentially knock out power in spots.

      • Katie says:

        Thank you! Stay safe and thanks for the GREAT info!

      • Larry Young says:

        Hi Levi, watching the the two storms coming our way. I’m in St Thomas and we just got clobbered by Irma and we can’t take a direct hit or even a near by hit. The island is devistated and 95% of power poles and lines need to be replaced. Can you update this storm nightly for us down here. No TV, no internet, some areas have cell coverage but overall no communication. I was luck to get to the only hot spot on the island.
        Thanks Larry Young
        St Thomas Vi

  • Jorge says:

    Hi Levi. Thanks for keeping us informed. Much appreciated. I’m not sure why but I can play this video. It loads but does not play. Thanks.

    • Levi says:

      This seems to occur sometimes immediately after the video was uploaded. Try waiting a few minutes and then attempting to play it again.

      • Daniel says:

        Usually, if it’s right after the video is uploaded, it could be that YouTube is still processing the video into their system. It’s also why some videos might only be available in low resolution immediately after being uploaded.

  • Cynthia Craig says:

    Thank you, Levi. Take good care, also.

  • Shelley Leyens says:

    Thank you so very much.

  • Michael Duke says:

    Great report. More clear, concise, and comprehensive in 6 min than anyone does on TV in 3 hours.

  • DaveinWeston says:

    I live in Weston…the last community on I-75 in west-central Broward County as you head over to Naples traveling west. Currently (8:40 A.M. Sunday), we are experiencing sustained winds of about 40 with gusts to probably 55. A feeder-band imbedded tornado passed very close to our house yesterday afternoon as we had a flurry of TVS signatures throughout SE Florida over a 2-3 hour time period. Still have power (they buried the cables when they built this community in the mid 90’s).
    Thoughts and prayers to our neighbors up the west coast and central Florida and, of course, the Keys. I’m afraid the core of Irma could decimate the Key Deer population on Big Pine.

  • Sabine Robertson says:

    Thank you for this great report. What are the chances that this storm shifts more West and affects South Walton area. Destin and Santa Rosa Beach?

    • Lindell says:

      We are in SRB as well. Good luck and stay safe.

      Levi – thanks for the great report. Curious on your take on Walton/Destin as well.

  • Nancy Catania says:

    Thank you for your detailed and accurate report. We are in a shelter in Wesley Chapel, Fl , about 45 miles northeast of Tampa. There are over 2000 people here at Wiregrass HS. The shelter is well organized and sturdy and all is well. Do you think the hurricane will weaken a bit before it gets here? Elevation here is 125 feet. No rivers or big lakes. Thank you!! I will give you updated reports from here if you’d like.

  • swansong says:

    Thank you. What wonderful service you provide: Lifesaving- Irma is what matters now, but when you can offer some intel on Jose, we’d be grateful- in Cuttyhunk off of Newport RI and looking to sail south, home to the Chesapeake after a year aboard-

  • Dustin says:

    NHC is predicting 6ft surge in the Charleston Harbor Monday on top of a 6ft high tide. The would put levels near record heights last seen dueing Hugo in 89. What are your thoughts on this prediction.

  • ByrneWilson says:

    Hi Levi- Outstanding job keeping us informed! We just discovered your site. With this said, we reside in the Apollo Beach area, South of Tampa….when is your next update? We are hunkered down & prepped.
    Thank you

  • Jim Donald says:

    We are in Medellin, Colombia at present – normal home is on our NZ registered yacht in Malaysia. We have family in Miami, but they have evacuated. However, we are concerned for their house and everyone likely to be affected by this storm.
    Thank you for your informative coverage – it is most appreciated.
    Jim and Jean

  • DWS says:

    As someone in Houston with a 94-year old mother in Pensacola, I want to sincerely thank you for sticking to the facts and not getting sucked into the Wunderground trap of constantly blaming everything on man-made climate change. And don’t get me started about the airheads on TV. Seriously, many, many, thanks.

  • Sabrina says:

    Levi, thanks for all you do with Tropical Tidbits. I hope you are safe.

  • Ray says:

    Outstanding job! Informative, straight to the point and well presented. Thank you!

  • Ben says:

    Hi Levy –

    Thank you for your concise and informative presentations.

    Back to Jose…any chance this will do a loop like Jeanne did?

    Stay safe and again, thank you.

  • Paul Russell says:

    Thank you so much for your help. Currently in Dothan, Alabama. Should I go further west?
    Left Jax, Fl 4 days ago.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you could give an update on hurricane Jose would be nice. Some models show it hitting the north east coast?

  • Mikki says:

    So appreciate your clearly presented information!

  • Alex L says:

    My family used to visit Sanibel Island every few years growing up. Would hate to see another Matthew level of destruction there… Also have family that winter on Marco Island in hideaway Beach… Seems like with the western shift, both of those places are under the gun. Here’s hoping that everyone was able to get out who needed to get out and those who stayed have a solid place to ride this out.

    Summer of 2006 I experienced a tropical storm first hand after graduating high school and went to spend time with a childhood friend and his family down there in the Lakeland area. These storms should never be taken lightly.

    Thoughts and prayers with all down there.

  • LJCM says:

    Hi Levi!
    I have a family member in Spring Hill, FL. How far inland is the water expected to go in that area? She’s not strictly speaking in the evac zone, but close enough to it to give me pause. Also, part of a state park is between her and the water. Would that help to absorb some of the surge? Thank you so much for excellent updates.

  • DanMac says:

    I am watching the storm following Irma, to the east. It appeared to have an eye which disappeared over the time the East CONUS water vapor from the NOAA shows, that eye seemed to disappear. It is slightly north of the track Irma took so it seems likely that the tail end winds of Irma will pull that system up the East side of Florida and into Georgia and South Carolina. That following system also seems to be moving relatively quickly compared to Irma’s speed, although that may be only visually deceptive due to the northern track of Irma now compared to it’s former western track. Anyway, the question is if that following system, which looks like a tropical storm to me, is going to impact and add to the misery being experienced by Florida and many of the islands south and east of Florida? I guess it is my impression that all islands, the Keys and the east coast of Florida and north should be warned of this secondary storm. Perhaps your next video (which are amazing and so helpful) could address this potentially damaging storm that looks to be following 12 – 24 hours behind Irma. Thanks So Much!

  • Marion says:

    Levi, where are you during this event?

  • Bug says:

    Thanks, Levi.

    Nothing much going on here in Charleston yet, other than the usual flooded streets during high tide. Overcast, breezy. A few raindrops. It will get wetter starting tonight. I’m seeing forecasts of 3-5 inches of rain, with possibly more in scattered locations.

    My barometer is holding.

    Hugo highest surge was around 20.2 feet at Seewee Bay near McClellanville. It inundated Lincolnville High School, which was being used as a shelter. As well as I can recall, they had to punch through to the roof to escape the rising water.

  • Sarah Grace Solomon says:

    Is there a shift towards more of Orlando right now compared to Tampa ?

  • Annie says:

    I’ve not been ablw to load the fb page all day. Is there something wrong with it?

  • Luis says:

    What radar system or website is used for the video cover photo that clearly shows the trough with good definition and detail?

  • Kathy says:

    Hi Levi,
    Our neighborhood won the prize for the first landfall of Irma. We live on Cudjoe Key and its going to be some time before we are allowed back in to assess the damage. Thank you for all the information…no one explains the data the way you do.
    Kathy and Frank

  • Joe Alexander says:

    Hi Levi. As Irma is approaching Lakeland FL it seems to be along the right edge of the NHC cone. Do you agree that this is so, and if so would this move the rain coverage a bit to the east over the next couple of days?

  • Janet says:

    Fantastic job Levi. I know Jose is doing loop de loops but try to get some sleep once Irma’s threat lessens. I hope your home base is safe from the winds and rain. Do you have an anometer? All kidding aside, great job. You are an asset to the weather community and the world.

    Janet. ☀️

  • James says:


    Is Jose who wants to do somersaults, a threat to Florida, or land?

  • Ron says:


    Hope all is well with you. Checked your “About” page and realized you were no doubt affected by Irma. Looking forward to you getting back to regular posts.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hello from Sarasota, we got lucky, all good, few trees down power out in places but very very lucky. Levi I moved the boat and tied up to the Mangroves, did fine, expect the water was sucked out of the bay, at least a 5-6 low tide which is unheard off here.

    Now the tide and the slight surge is 3 ft higher then normal, not bad. I guess I should have known about the loss of water, but caught me off guard as well as a few Manatees stuck on grass flats. Amazing the power to pull so much water out to sea at first.

    Thanks for all the great info Levi, we got lucky, Bless the people who did not.


  • Joseph says:

    If people need to replace their asphalt shingle roof, choose a cool roof color other than black, grey, & brown. Choosing other than black, grey, & brown saves on the electric bill by not getting as hot. Also choose 120 m.p.h + rated shingles they are thicker. I learned this by having to replace roofs many times.

    • Arch says:

      If you live where there’s a homeowner’s association, MAKE SURE this is permitted or you get approval before choosing a different color than what it was.

      • Joseph says:

        The cool roof colors of asphalt shingles, honey blond, shades of white, & autumn terra cotta shades, they don’t hold the heat in.

  • Bug says:

    Came through just fine. Lots of heavy wind and rain. No flooding in my neighborhood. Got 7 1/2 inches in my gauge. The power flickered all afternoon but didn’t stay off more than a minute or two. We did lose cable, internet and our land line phones (they’re somehow all in one – if the cable goes, they all go).

    Left Hubby this morning, cleaning up all the small limbs, twigs, leaves, etc in the yard. My office opened up at the usual time this morning. We were closed yesterday.

  • Nick says:

    No recent blog – has Levi been affected by weather in his location?

  • Qazulight says:


    I logged in here. The Weather Underground site has died for all practical purposes

  • John M. says:

    Thank you for your assistance. The weather people in Orlando get so animated it’s difficult to digest the important information. Your updates were greatly appreciated.

  • Mysarek says:

    Watching Dorian gave me flashbacks to IRMA. I would like to leave a comment as someone from Naples. I went up to Fort Myers, but couldn’t return to Naples because my house was without power and water for two weeks. My neighborhood streets were flooded for quite a few days. Very large trees fell. And almost two years later there are still some street signs missing. My house is right along 75, so right along the eye, if not in it. Wilma took out this area for two weeks back in 2005 and I expected what happened.

    I can say that I got tired of all the lack of infrastructure and drove up to north Cape Coral and ate at Carrabbas in some AC.

    Other fun observations: a very large oak fell between houses several feet from my lanai, but the cut hydrangeas I tossed out the back door on the ground hadn’t moved an inch. They were only maybe 12 feet away! And poetically, hours before the storm, there was a rainbow. Hours after, I saw butterflies.

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

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