[Wednesday Morning] Dangerous Hurricane Lane Approaching Hawaii; Hurricane Warnings and Watches Issued

   Posted by Levi at 9:58am on August 22, 2018

Latest Official Information on Hurricane Lane




  • Lorna says:

    Please give us a update on Lane, 8/23/18 Thank you

    • S-T says:

      Agree, looking forward to your latest take on Lane. Your videos are the best I’ve seen out there from the various sources — clear, detailed, interesting, informative, educational (for me), and yet easy to understand. Just great stuff!

  • harrycane says:

    Thank You Levi, Good stuff !!

  • Dirtyharry says:

    10’ to 12’ waves thru sunday for Oahu also 12” of rain. Big island aready has +12 inches today.

  • Dirtyharry says:

    Military has bugged out of Pearl
    Big island highway 19 closed from landslide. Almost 20” of rain

    Sensors south of island where Lane is tracking now 120mph 30’waves

    Honolulu will shutdown water as needed.

  • WAGNER says:

    Any chance of an update. I am on Kauai and really appreciate accurate scientific data

  • Bess DEN says:

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