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September 2018

[Monday Afternoon] Gordon Forms near South Florida; Could be a Hurricane at Landfall on North Gulf Coast Late Tuesday

   Posted by Levi at 4:03pm on September 3, 2018

Latest Information from the National Hurricane Center




  • HugeDong says:

    It’s been a very moist afternoon around these parts.

  • Eli says:

    Thanks for the update. Very good info for those on the Gulf Coast.

  • BeachFoxx says:

    Thank you!

  • BridgeBuilder says:

    Your videos are great Levi. The quality explanations are much preferred, compared to those weather outlets trying to insert fear in us.

  • B. Biggs says:

    Thanks to Levi Cowan for the tweet regarding Hurricane Gordon, “that area between New Orleans and Mobile needs to prepare now for the worst…” For future reference, that area has a name…Mississippi.
    A couple of our most notable weather events include the landfalls of the wicked sisters, Camille and Katrina.

  • Joel Lanier says:


    I noticed that the latest recon showed a 10F spike in Eye Temperature compared to outside the eyewall. It was only a 2F spike earlier today. Is there any plots available relating central Eye Temperature spikes, surface pressure and maximum wind speed anywhere. There should be a plot somewhere, but I couldn’t find anything on internet.

    PS Thanks for your great presentations! I used to fly around in Typhoons as a Met in training in the Pacific 49 years ago. Wish we had you back then!

  • Joey says:

    It looks like Slidell, Louisiana is in danger of a landfalling cat 1 hurricane.

  • Abraham H Moskow says:


    Check out :

    NHC Aircraft Reconnaissance

    Vortex Data Messages

  • Joey says:

    I am starting to get concerned, could this be a cat 2 or 3 at landfall in Slidell, Louisiana or south of Slidell?

  • mykldee says:

    Labor day always seems to deliver. Treasure Coast (Florida), got a little snotty yesterday. Keeping an eye on Florence for next week. Africa starting to pump them out, o well here we go, be safe all. Thanks Levi

  • okeetee says:

    As usual, your hurricane/tropical storm reports are much better than the doomsday people over at the weather channel! The fact that this storm is moving at 15 miles an hour, it will be in and out like a Times Square pickpocket. Doesn’t seem to be anything that could slow it down and cause more than just a few inches of rain, which is what can cause the most damage generally speaking from these hurricanes/tropical storms.

    • Anise says:

      Steering winds are forecast to slow way down AFTER Gordon makes landfall. That’s what will cause the real problems, not whatever happens before then. Plenty of sources are already predicting a foot of rain and I think it will be more than that. I wish I could bet money on that outcome, but pretty much only runs political markets. Otherwise, I would.

  • CJI says:

    This site seems to have many knowledgeable commenters. Can anyone tell me why none of NOAAs buoys are reporting winds any near hurricane force much less tropical storm force.

    Wind speeds of 55 to 65 knots show on NOAA graphics. Where do those wind speeds come from and is there a link that the public can monitor in real time?

  • MW says:


    how is next week looking for the Caribbean?
    should we get nervous for the next blobs coming off Africa behind Florence? Give us your long range take.. thanks

  • Joey says:

    I remember Hurricane Florence in 1988. Every one named Flo after that one makes me cringe.

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