[Tuesday Afternoon] Dangerous Hurricane Michael Less than 24 Hours from Landfall

   Posted by Levi at 4:33pm on October 9, 2018

Latest official information on Michael




  • Rick B. says:

    Thanks for the post, Levi. Be safe.

  • SAR Jim says:

    Thanks as usual, Levi. I’m up in Eufaula AL, midway between Dothan and Columbus GA. It does appear the center will pass east of me, so I will be on the relatively weaker side of the storm. We’ve had several weeks of hot and dry weather so we could probably take four or so inches of rain before we start to reach saturation. That may save us from widespread trees down and power outages. You’re more in the thick of things over on the east side in Tallahassee. I also think we could see a 130 mph storm before landfall. Our only hope is that dry air entertainment and some cool water upwelling as the storm gets closer to the coast. I sure hope we all make it through with as little damage as possible.

    Regards, Jim

  • Big Joe says:

    I have seen hurricanes bomb out before, namely Hurticane Charley in 2004, & Hurricane Harvey ladt year. Hurricane Micheal coukd bomb out. Hurticane Camille did that in 1969, & Hurticane Katrina in 2005 before weakening wind wise.

    • Anonymous says:

      You sound real smart like, heeehaw! heehaw!

    • lamizzee says:

      To Big Joe, from someone who lived through both Camille and Katrina … I beg to differ, both storms did not “bomb out.” I had to evacuate for a whole month after Katrina before I could come back home. And I live inland, northeast of New Orleans. Camille leveled the Gulf Coast, as did Katrina (fortunately I had evacuated from Long Beach on the Gulf Coast before Camille hit) My brother’s house in Waveland was totally gone from Katrina, nothing left but the slab. So I don’t know where you got your information from, but it’s wrong.

      • Nokomite says:

        I think he meant bomb out as in ‘get stronger fast .’ The hurricanes he referenced got very strong very quickly.

  • peter says:

    Hi Levi, Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and for you to remain safe as well.

  • margot says:

    Thank you Levi. Be safe.

  • RichardK says:

    I don’t know why but I remember you saying you lived in Alaska?

  • Shawn says:

    Levi…first, hope you stay safe and everything goes well for you. I live 35-40 miles NNE of Panama City. What kind of difference in winds might we expect?

  • Ken Seon says:

    Very useful reports Levi, keep up the good work.You obviously know your stuff very well and I find you very credible.

  • cj38 says:

    thanks, Levi. I was hoping that you were working on getting prepared; I remember you telling us last year where you lived. Stay safe.

  • Dustin from Gainesville says:

    Best of luck Levi, stay safe. As always, thanks for the updates, they’re so informational and in-depth.

  • thelmores (mickey) says:

    Hi Levi,

    Miss the days in the wunderblog…..

    Anyway, real quick, fill us in with what you are up to these days. I also remember Alaska…..

    How long until you are NHC director? They could use a young Lad like yourself! :)

    Rarely post, occasionally lurk, but am always grateful for the explanations you give. We all have our talents, but I envy yours!

  • Jackie says:

    Thanks for taking the time to update us.Prayers and thoughts are with you.

  • Hayes Moore says:

    Be safe Levi! Thanks for all that you do.
    From Charleston

  • Anonymous says:

    Prayers for your safety Levi. And for all our neighbors in Florida. Love from Louisiana.

  • Gary Townley says:

    Stay safe Levi! I know that you will want to be staying for a possible eye passage.

  • BeachFoxx says:

    Thanks Levi – after a stressful day of prep we are ready…. I’m concerned that the storm may continue to intensify and that does not thrill me. Current path is a minor salvation since I am west of projected center. We are hunkered down hoping for the best. Choctawhatchee Bay is up about 2 feet and storm is still will south. We are bayfront and watching closely. We are on higher ground but cautious. Biggest concern is the large trees surrounding home. It’s not our first rodeo, but we really do not like the watching and waiting! On that note I will be thinking of everyone in the path of this monster wishing you the best. Be safe, Be Smart!

  • HugeDong says:

    Dang! This one is going to be a whopper. I bet Michael Litton is crying over gas generators again.

  • Kevin says:

    Great information. Be safe, Levi

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your hard work. Stay safe through (and after) the storm.

  • Lesli Longbottom says:

    Thank you Levi..you are my go to meteorologist during hurricane season. Thank you for your measured calm and hysteria free delivery.

  • Wendy says:

    Thank you for your reports. Also in Tally. Stay safe!

  • Jose says:

    Thanks Levi. Great work. I lived in Tallahassee in 1985 and remember Elena and Kate. This looks to be a lot worse for the Big Bend and Tally. Heck of an experience for your graduate training. Stay safe.

  • Grady Dawson says:

    Thank you Levi for your expertise in meteorology you explain everything in such great detail and I’m so grateful for that! Please stay safe my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and thank you again you’re the best!!

  • heather says:

    Hi Levi, Can you review the category score? The media keep reporting this as a cat 3/4/5 depending on source, yet the max sustained winds reported on land that I can find is 106 mph, which is a cat 2.

    I thought sustained wind speed — not gusts — is what determined hurricane category. Has this changed? I am asking because I also noticed that the NHC does not include category information in its public advisories. Was there a reason for no longer including it?

    • Weather Watcher says:

      Category is based on sustained wind speed (I believe 1 minute average sustained). This wind does not represent the entire storm as the hurricane hunters report the maximum wind found in the storm, which could be a small pocket.

  • okeetee says:

    I think half the smucks at the Weather Channel should be fired or released for mis-information! Dothan, Al had top winds of 50 miles an hour, NOT 125 like those clowns were predicting! Then they had a picture of a rotton Water Oak tree coming down and said it was a Live Oak tree! If they can’t get the facts straight…..then stay off the air! This hurricane was moving way too fast to do all that much damage! It was in and out like a “Time Square” pick pocket! The in-exactitude of these weather channel clowns is almost criminal!

    • Weather Watcher says:

      The problem is, no one know exactly where a hurricane will go so its mostly predictions. A wobble to the west would have made world of difference for some people. Look at Mexico Beach. It took the brunt of the storm.

  • Big Joe says:

    I knew that Michael was going to bomb out. It grew stronger explosively. My keyboard was small, people dismissed me with the typos.

    • Weather Watcher says:

      Yeah, the water was very warm in the Gulf. The intensity of the storm exceeded most expectations including the computer models.

    • okeetee says:

      Yeah, this was NOT the storm of the Century….nor did it do nearly as much damage as predicted. Just within 3 miles of the beach from the storm surge! Of course, some trees were going to come down and hit power lines. That’s to be expected! But right now, checking all those towns and cities it’s suppose to be hitting, I see NONE of them with hurricane force winds and none of them with much rain fall.

      • Kelly says:

        Are you crazy. I’m in Panama City and just went through this hurricane and it’s far from hardly any distruction. My moms whole neighborhood is destroyed and we were 10-15 miles inland. My aunt and uncles house is destroyed by a tree, MY house that I cannot even get to has several pine trees on it and no idea if it’s even destroyed or not. So before you say things, consider maybe if you aren’t here that it might not be true.

        • Big Joe says:

          Sharky’s on the beachfront, what about that restaurant? I remember eating there with family a year after Katrina.

        • okeetee says:

          Ok, so like the weather channel dummies, I may have exaggerated a few things myself! But the weather channel made it seem like if you did not evacuate to Duluth, Minn. you could be in trouble because your house is going to fall into the ocean!

      • Jake says:

        okeetee says: October 10, 2018 at 19:40
        Yeah, this was NOT the storm of the Century….nor did it do nearly as much damage as predicted. Just within 3 miles of the beach from the storm surge! Of course, some trees were going to come down and hit power lines. That’s to be expected! But right now, checking all those towns and cities it’s suppose to be hitting, I see NONE of them with hurricane force winds and none of them with much rain fall.



  • Kelly says:

    Not sure of the beach. Mexico beach is completely gone destroyed.

    • Big Joe says:

      What irritates me, is all the networks has regular programing. And, some are downplaying it. I wish DirecTV would bring back WeatherNation on a different channel number. Sigh.

  • TS says:

    Levi, praying you are safe, free from worry, and able to return to where ever you need to be with a renewed spirit for lifes little storms. Stay safe.

  • TS says:

    *lifes big storms too

  • cj38 says:

    Levi, I share the thoughts of TS! Hoping you and all in your world is well. Be gentle to yourself; you are one of the good guys!

  • Harry Kane says:

    Levi, I only post to youtube and have not heared you input since before ladfall. Hope all is
    well. Please post a sentence or two to let people know your ok.

  • Anonymous says:

    Any word from Levi after the storm?

  • Anonymous Too says:

    Yep – from his twitter feed

    Levi Cowan
    17h17 hours ago

    Gradually getting power back in Tallahassee. Anecdotes suggest Michael was comparable to Hurricane Kate in 1985 for the city.
    7 replies 13 retweets 140 likes

  • piroberry says:


  • Anonymous says:


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