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August 2020
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Isaias Approaching Florida – Significant Hazards Likely Along Much of Eastern U.S.

   Posted by Levi at 8:15pm on August 1, 2020




  • Sylvain says:

    Thank you for sharing your videos and informing us. I live in Florida and I have been watching for a few years. I’m no meteorologist (far from it) and you make it easy to understand what is happening and the variables that could change how storms evolve.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the insight into the “pulsing” nature of this for Sunday. Much appreciated here in Melbourne.

  • Sarah says:

    Thank you from West Palm Beach 👍

  • samhill says:

    As always, brilliant analysis of early season activity, and thank you Levi.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Thank you very much for providing all of this information. It is quite interesting and helpful. From Mobile, Alabama

  • Becky Junghans says:

    Levi (Dr Cowen),
    Thank you for such a wonderful web site and for the video’s you do during hurricane season. I have been reading and watching your video’s for a long time now. I have been lurking on weather underground for a long time and was on the site before they switched to that one.

    Please consider updating your bio on your site so newbies would know more about you and your background. I’m sure many would like to know how you got into studying hurricanes and some of the places you lived (didn’t you live or were born in Alaska). While we have also known you as Levi, would you prefer to be called Dr Cowan (you earned the title you know)?

    Let’s not forget folks that it costs money to run all the servers, computers, software, etc., to support all the resources that are available on tropicaltidbits. Please try to make a donation so Dr Cowen can continue to provide us with this valuable information. We made a donation several days ago. As many have stated, this site is the go to place during hurricane season. To be able to look at the satellite pics, models, aircraft mission, on one site is awesome. His in-depth analysis helps all of us understand the dynamics involved with trying to figure out what these monsters are going to do.

    Thank You!

  • Jen D says:

    Thank you!

  • Bryan Simmonds says:

    I used to go to Jeff Masters blog on Wunderground to get my hurricane track explanations. But after they closed, I looked around and found Levi. This has by far been the most detailed, down to earth explanation I have found. Thank you very much for the service. I will certainly make a contribution sometime this month.

    Bryan Simmonds
    St. Kitts

  • Frank Fender says:

    Great job Levi! Am I the only one who wants Levi to provide a detailed analysis on the pandemic? :) His rational style and astute insight into the reading of the data tells me that we might all just agree on the way forward out of this mess. Thank you for what you do Levi!

    PS. It is almost a breath of fresh air to hear a garden variety hurricane warning after months of coronavirus stats. :)

  • HugeDong says:

    Well, this storm ended up being a dud.

  • Good on ya Levi!
    Your knowledge is top of the heap mate ;)

  • Buck says:

    Thank you so much.I’ve been living on the OBX of NC all my life(50 yrs) Stayed for every storm, not recommended though. Definitely will be tuning in to your forecast from now on. A stranger in the same occupation as l told me about your site(Project Manager for a construction contractor). Would be nice to know how l could help financially to keep your info coming to people like myself. Thanks again🙂

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