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August 2020
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Isaias Changing Little in Strength as it Tracks Along the Florida Coastline

   Posted by Levi at 8:17pm on August 2, 2020




  • Denis Goulet says:

    Audio was pretty unintelligible tonight. Thanks for all you do

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you but audio 8s awful, worse than normal which is weak.

      • Edmund says:

        If you are having problems with the audio then check some of the older posts – they are all good and this would tell you that it might be a local problem on your computer or YouTube might be having issues. The audio on this post seems fine to me.

  • donnie says:

    In the Isaias “8:17pm on August 2, 2020” video at approximately 0:55 there’s weather radar from somewhere I couldn’t make out. I heard “FSU” but then… Martins & Baum? Martinsen Balm? I tried googling for something similar sounding but didn’t find anything. Could you clarify, please? I’ve never seen that one and living in EC Florida it’s always good to have more sources for wx radar! The NWS in Melbourne goes offline at the worst times (thankfully not recently).

    (also found the audio very faint; had to crank everything up to max in order to hear it)

  • sam hill says:

    Calm cool and collected Dr. And that is appreciated when
    the storm hits the fan !

  • Jimmy says:

    I agree, audio was bad…

  • Jay L. Keller says:

    Audio was fine for me.

    Sitting in Boca Raton, FL tonight I can see intense lightning flashes from that NE quadrant of Isaias on average every 33 secinds. The Bahamas just can’t catch a break!

  • Dennis Bou says:

    Faint audio

  • Richard says:

    Thanks Levi (from St. Augustine, Fl),
    You are always appreciated.
    Best wishes, Richard

  • ren says:

    Valley of jet stream falls far south over eastern Texas. The storm is approaching to land.

  • Victor says:

    Oops! Awful audio. Difficult to understand unless wearing phones, otherwise great report as usual. Thanks, Levi.

  • NunE says:

    I wish that you could enlarge the projected path, It’s too small to read at all.
    Thank you for such a great analysis.

  • Anonymous says:

    Missed your report last night,I live on Marthas Vineyard and need to be updated, I have other sources but you’re the best

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes we all missed last nights report

  • DirtyHarry says:

    major cat, 970mb
    heading LA

  • Doug Badon says:

    Levi, the GFS model is consistently pointing to a significant system in the Gulf of Mexico August 19 – August 22. Very large and very low pressure. Any comments about this possibility? Appears low wind shear, lots of moisture moving in and hot water.

  • Not Levi says:

    Levi never follows through to landfall.Then he leaves old stuff on the home page for days……..Yeah he is the best, NOT

  • ren says:

    A tropical storm threatens Puerto Rico.

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