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August 2020
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Watching Two Potential Storms This Week

   Posted by Levi at 6:40pm on August 17, 2020




  • Buzzie says:

    Great stuff a education in tropical dynamics.

    Thanks Levi

  • Carol says:

    As always a clear analysis that makes these storms less frightening. We are all so grateful for sharing your time and expertise each storm season. Thank you!

  • Elena says:

    Thank you Levi , kiss from México

  • Flyin’ Brian says:

    Video briefings very Atlantic-centric. Full-blown hurricane off Baja barely mentioned, then 15 minutes of rambling about possible outcomes of 2 invests in the Atlantic. Sorry, but there’s a whole ‘nuther ocean out there.

  • samhill says:

    Great work w/the current BIG PICTURE explanation Dr. C.
    Thanks for your time and effort

  • Richard W butler says:

    Thank you Dr. Levi. I watch and learn from you. Love that disclamer you put up front. I been tracking it and you are slightly ahead of NHC. Extremley impressive for a kid from Alaska. Never mind. Extreamly impressive for anyone. Thanks


  • Claretta Nijhuis says:

    Thanking you from Aruba Dr. Cowan. During the season your analysis is my “Go To”.

  • CATHY L TURPIN says:

    As always, Levi explains in great detail all the variables and ever changing weather patterns. His vast knowledge is so greatly appreciated when it comes to tropical systems. It’s never about hype but only about preparedness. I nominate Levi for President ♥️

  • ren says:

    A jetstream forecast indicates that a tropical storm over the Yucatán Peninsula could reach the Gulf of Mexico.

  • HarryKane says:

    You mentioned 97L would encounter a front near Yucatan channel. Would that also effect 98L? You said 98 would keep a more westward tract because of deep high pressure. Would that trough keep 98L off US coast and recurve?

  • Karen says:

    I just discovered you today. I live in Mexico, Merida, and I have been watching a Spanish station for a few years and my Spanish is terrible so I never really get the forecasts 100%.

    An entire new world opened today finding you and your blog. I can’t thank you enough. Living in a hurricane zone can be scary (I went thru Wilma in Cancun) And having your analysis in English gives me so much more confidence i can prepare. Thank you thank you thank you

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