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August 2020
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Tropical Depressions Thirteen and Fourteen Form

   Posted by Levi at 10:12pm on August 20, 2020




  • Octavio says:

    Tnanks, Levi! been folowing you since old good wunderdays.
    My question is, can these two systems interact have an influence between each other?
    saludos desde Argentina

    • ren says:

      With so much air movement over the hot surface of the Gulf of Mexico, you can expect heavy thunderstorms, even at great distances.

      • Jake says:

        Once it gets into the Gulf we should know more.

        Does it move right over the Yucatan. Does it enter the Bay of Campeche

        What I find interesting is now fast they have it tracking over the Gulf as of right now.

        Anyone from New Orleans to Corpus should be watching close. Historically this has been around the time when the Western Gulf does get touched by major Hurricanes.

  • Dave says:

    Thanks for the information. As always well done!

  • Bettina says:

    Highly informative and engaging. You are really good at this. Much appreciated!

  • Gigi says:

    Thanks a lot from my small island in Belize, where I’m living alone with my dog. Gives a much clearer picture regarding evacuation.

  • SarahinBR says:

    Thank you so much Levi. In the past, I always followed you on the Jeff Masters/CAT6 blog and truly appreciate your analysis. I now have your page bookmarked. I’m checking in from south Louisiana. Geaux Tigers!

  • Kevin Main says:

    Thanks Levi, excellent as always. Does anyone here know if the Cat6 blog is now hosted elsewhere? I signed up for an email alert but nothing ever came of it. I learned so much following that blog for years.

  • Sid B says:

    Since these systems could get close to each other, is there a possibility that they could interact(Fujiwara effect)

  • Eliz K says:

    Thank you very much for keeping us all informed. Living on the gulf coast (Mobile) we are always on alert and know that preparation is vital. Your information is far superior to that of local meteorologists who all seem to want a major storm to impact our area.

  • Steve Rix says:

    Thank you! This is the most completely detailed and informative coverage of these storms I’ve found! Living on the Gulf Coast of Florida, I appreciate this detail. Local TV stations are sadly lacking when it comes to in-depth coverage. Thanks again!

  • Phyllis Edwards says:

    Levi, how possible is it that TD14 & TS Laura will merge into the Fujiwara effect, sometime down the road when they are both in the Gulf?

  • D says:

    I live in Iowa, nowhere near hurricane land, but have been following your videos with great interest for a while now. I would be very interested to hear your take on Iowa’s recent derecho, or at least to hear where you or readers think it’s being covered well.

  • Levi,

    May I ask a questions? Why does everyone show track models so many days before the actual storms are close to the US when the track models often change daily?

  • dirtyharry says:

    we just arrived in ft walton. red flags out party cloudy.three foot waves normal is one foot.full tank of gas.
    how long is this event once monday evening?

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