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August 2020
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Laura Still Weak but Could Strengthen Later; TD14 Expected to Hit Mexico as a Tropical Storm

   Posted by Levi at 8:30pm on August 21, 2020




  • Penny S says:

    Great analysis. I always look forward to your insight. You explain it in a way that anybody could understand. What conditions could cause Laura to turn north closer to the west coast of Florida?

  • Enrique Garcia says:

    Great coverage as usual

  • ren says:

    One tropical storm is on the way to Yucatan, the other to Puerto Rico.

  • Patrick says:

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate your attention to detail!

  • Hglman says:

    Do you have any material to recommend about tropical waves, wave envelopes? Would like to better understand the points about separation of the lower and mid level circulation and the relationship with the larger wave. Thanks.

    • ren says:

      These tropical waves follow one after the other, because they are pushed by the latitudinal the jetstream over the Atlantic .

    • ren says:

      Global Jet Stream Forecast
      Welcome to our new interactive global jet stream forecast map here on Netweather. Drag the map around to move it, the mouse wheel will zoom in and out (pinch to zoom on mobile and tablet). The maps update four times a day – and are an initial small feature using this new mapping technology – keep your eye out for further additions soon.

  • Jeffery McQueen says:

    The GFSv16 which goes operational in January has been showing a strong Laura for some time. Also FV3-GFS with advanced RRFS physics run at GSL.

  • ossqss says:

    Good job as always Levi. 2020 is a learning curve for us all so far.

    Well, I heard Fujiwhara 6 times in the last 2 days.

    I declare “PFF”. Potential Fujiwhara Friday!

    That opportunity doesn’t come along often in the GOM>

  • Amanda says:

    Where did everyone go now that the wunderground blog is gone?!

  • ren says:

    Both storms in the Gulf of Mexico will affect weather across the US Southeast.

  • ren says:

    Puerto Rico is threatened by very heavy rainfall.

  • ren says:

    Laura heads west along the 17th parallel.

  • ren says:

    Marco is now on the 20th parallel and will soon be sucked into the Gulf of Mexico via the jet stream valley over the Western Gulf of Mexico.

  • Ragan Nicholl says:

    Awesome work as usual. I heard one model uses Gulf Stream thermal energy more than others; is that the HWRF?

    Ragan Nicholl
    Florida Keys

  • dirtyharry says:

    just a few rain bands today in ftwalton last afternoon. mostly calm for now 10pm cst.

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