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August 2020
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Marco Stronger and Tracking More Eastward; Laura Hitting Puerto Rico and Likely Threat to Gulf Coast

   Posted by Levi at 4:00pm on August 22, 2020




  • ren says:

    Marco’s Center enters the Gulf of Mexico and heads north along 86 W.

  • Dan Foley says:

    Levi – I find your commentary in understanding the dynamics when interpreting the models helpful. Given the extremely rapid developments of both storms will you be posting an update tonight? I think it would be helpful to get maybe a morning / evening over the next few days given how quickly things are happening.

  • Becky Douglas says:

    Awesome coverage sir. Can someone please tell me if the Category 6 subscriber’s have a new place to blog about hurricanes? I was hoping it would be here… :(

  • Sean says:

    Thank you for the level of detail re: countervailing influences steering each TC.

  • Steven says:

    What happened to the CMS models?

  • Kenneth E. Lamb says:

    I just plugged your site on :

    To ALL:

    I’ve been a Hurricane Chaser for two major newspapers for over 20-years. In that time, I discovered the following web site, which I highly recommend – it is updated once daily by a guy with a PhD:

    You’ll find understandable explanations of the situation affecting both storms. The latest updates show both landing within 50 – 100 miles of each other about 36-hours apart. Southern LA is going to get a serious banging if these hold true.

    HOWEVER, you really don’t know what a storm will do until perhaps up to 12-hours before it does it . . . for example, the 100-mile move of Marco’s eye to the northeast Friday night was anticipated by no models whatsoever. You just wake up, and there it is.

    As it turns out, Marco may move even further to the east before landfall, meaning it my hit along the MS or AL coastline . , , or in extreme, NW FL.

    Laura may also hit further east than currently shown as well, hitting far eastern LA, or MS . . . who knows?

    Well, G-d knows, however, He doesn’t send emails.

    So check out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

    • Kenneth E. Lamb says:


      I forgot to note above that the article on the storms has already been viewed 23,540 times, and has over 127 comments posted as I post this to your site – soooo – I hope a significant number of those will take my advice to visit your site.

      You’ve earned it!

    • Dwight says:

      Did you just censor the word god?

    • Thomas Cooper says:

      Ken remember you from your radio program. Do you still run your computer shop in P-cola?
      Tom in Milton.

  • ren says:

    It is very likely that Marco will land in Louisiana.

  • Vince says:

    With approaching storms to the Gulf could you talk about and mention the influence of loop currents as it pertains to intensity. In the past they have proven very important especially when one storms passes just before another.

  • Marcie says:

    My husband is far from a weather enthusiast like myself but after watching one video with me he doesn’t understand how you aren’t on the weather channel. Thanks for such great info and an easy to digest explanation of a highly complex situation, most appreciated as always.

    • Clay says:

      Please no on the weather channel. They would never allow someone 20 minutes to properly explain things to people like these videos.

      This is my go to place for hurricane explanations.

  • waldo says:

    Because it is 2020, I think Laura’s center is over Hispanola where it cannot be found by the hurricane hunters. They will find multiple centers offshore and make a forecast based on that information until the real center moves offshore.

    Would not surprise me in the least.

  • FishOutofWater says:

    Marcie, Levi is not on the Weather Channel because he is a hurricane researcher, not a media person.

    • Marcie says:

      I don’t know how a media person is defined, but given the quality of this site and the videos, I would argue he is everything a media person should be :-)

      • racerx says:

        here here agreed! Lets hope the media doesnt get ahold of him and corrupt him like everything else they touch!

  • Susan says:

    Your discussion is the best I have ever seen or heard. Living in Louisiana we are desperate for clear descriptions and predictions. Often we don’t get that, just “It’s a’comin'” Thank you so much in helping us prepare for Marco, Laura, and whoever else decides to drop in.

  • JC says:

    thank you for your videos. As a pilot and a sailor I think your explanations are awesome and very easy to grasp for people who doesn’t know a lot about meteorology. Keep up the good work.

  • JC Gellert says:

    thank you for your videos. As a pilot and a sailor I think your explanations are awesome and very easy to grasp for people who doesn’t know a lot about meteorology. Keep up the good work.

  • ren says:

    Marco’s tropical wave drags its tail (water vapor) from the Pacific, below Mexico.

  • Tony G says:

    With passage of Marco across the gulf having stirred up the surface waters there, I wonder if the models and human forecasters have considered the possible effect it may have on Laura tapping into less sea surface heat.

  • DEBRA says:

    Question. After heading toward the same area of the gulf coast for landfall, why do the projected paths, computer models, diverge so significantly? Why are the storms not then influenced to head off in the same direction?

  • Duane Jones says:

    I am in Corpus Christi. Are we a possible landfall area?

  • ren says:

    High pressure drop in the eye of Marco.
    Minimum Central Pressure: 991 mb
    Environmental Pressure: 1009 mb

  • ren says:

    New Orleans has several hours to prepare for many days of downpours.

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