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August 2020
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Laura a Strengthening Hurricane Barreling Toward Texas and Louisiana

   Posted by Levi at 4:47pm on August 25, 2020




  • Tony G says:

    We’ve been dodging hurricanes all over the Caribbean and have managed to sit the last two seasons out in Trinidad and Bonaire. Well add the Gulf Coast to our dodging list. We’d be sitting this one out in the Rio Dulce if Corona-virus hadn’t ruined our plan to go there leaving our only real option a run from Panama to Galveston/Clear Lake Area. Anyway we always follow your reports as we have friends all over that are effected by every storm that makes landfall.

    Levi: You are one talented tropical storm meteorologist and presenter! I like it that you stay independent because a talent like you should be snapped up in a nannosecond by a major DMA TV station or one of the big cable or networks. Being independent keeps the fluff to minimum and useful information in the forefront. Thanks for all you do! If you every want to go sailing with us you’re invited!

  • Jay Keller says:

    Very big stuff set to roll off the west coast of Africa…

  • LIB says:

    Hi Levi, love your updates. Have followed you for many years.

    I have a question Im hoping you or a follower can answer, or perhaps in a future video. In a recent post, you discussed (for Laura, in this instance) a NW low level steering flow and a W mid-level steering flow, resulting in a N shear on the system. I was hoping you could briefly describe (or provide a link to a source that explains) why that would result in a N shear and not, say, WNW shear. A preliminary google and wikipedia search provided no explanation.

    Thanks, keep up the great work!

    • Levi says:

      I posted a graphic on twitter a couple days back that may help. Wind shear is the vector difference between the two vertical levels. In that plot, I create the triangle that illustrates the northerly shear that results from the subtraction of the low-level steering flow from the mid-level steering flow.

  • kenn says:

    Your Model for this Hour is totally flawed! Starts in wrong position, Lat & Long; with wrong mb of pressure:

    “26 Aug 2020 – 0:00 UTC …LAURA STRENGTHENING OVER THE CENTRAL GULF OF MEXICO… As of 7:00 PM CDT Tue Aug 25 the center of Laura was located near 25.0, -89.0 with movement WNW at 17 mph. The minimum central pressure was 983 mb with maximum sustained winds of about 85 mph.”

  • Joey B says:

    I remember a New Orleans meteorologist years ago saying that a large eyewall, when it shrinks causes explosive intensification, the smaller eyewall size amplifies the wind intensity. This was in the early 2000’s. Could this be a Cat 5 at landfall as the eyewall shrinks?

  • DG says:

    When will you have the next update?

  • Jake says:

    Thank you Levi for all the information

    Hopefully everyone has a boat if need be or at least a generator.

    When we get in and around Toledo Bend I don’t know if the folks North are ready for Hurricane or strong tropical storm conditions

    The power and speed this is hurting the Gulf Coast is going to knock out a lot of power even up into the ArkLaTex

  • ren says:

    You can see that a tropical storm will hit Texas and go deep into the land.

  • Joe says:

    I heard on WTOP(Washington, DC) earlier Tuesday afternoon that Laura may try to redevelop once reaching the East Coast (near the Delmarva Peninsula). Have seen it here and on only one other video where the graphics are showing that intensification. Maybe will regain tropical storm strength, but not sure. But the graphics sure showing something happening when it reaches the East Coast around the DC area. Fascinating, to say the least.

    • Jake says:

      I believe they had the Gulf Stream creating another strong storm and had it becoming a hurricane again.

      Only was one model and it was last night.
      Might want to check that again. Possibility the model changed

  • Jake says:

    People joke about the Canadian model.

    But they can be impact as well.

    I think the consensus as of now is a extra tropical storm forming

  • Debbie says:

    Levi, you’ve been my goto storm meteorologist since Katrina. I followed the cat 6 blog because your information proved more accurate and thorough than the weather service. I place you in the company of Nash Roberts, which is the highest of compliments from my generation. Thank you so much for putting this site together. I am hoping with this major storm Laura approaching, you could maybe release updates a little more often. As a Gulf Coast resident, I value your opinion greatly and would love to know what you’re thinking.

  • kenn says:

    Very impressive Modeling. She now looks very similar. Appears to have come out of ewr with high thick cloud tops. stadium effect. We can see blue water at the bottom of her eye. Tornado infested outer bands, totally circumventing. She’s a CAT 4!

  • ren says:

    The hurricane is now moving west along 27N.

  • Watching-in-Florida says:

    One simple question, who determines the names of the Hurricanes? We have had to contend with the most cute-see-poo names for ferocious hurricanes over the years, case in point; Katrina. That name evokes dolls and little girls. If they come off of Africa, why are they not named African names? Such as Mogambo the terrible, or Shaka the Slayer, I mean come on, we’re talking deadly hurricanes, lets give the names respect and not some random list of boring boring boring.

  • KAT says:

    Any chance of it moving more west?

  • Peter says:

    Still looking at NW movement,,,when will we see turn NNW?

  • ren says:

    Laura accelerates northwest.

  • ren says:

    Looks like the hurricane is headed for Houston.

  • Mike says:

    WHere is the best discussion board to follow comments since Cat 6 board was retired? Thanks!

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