Beta Nearing Texas; Teddy Nearing Bermuda

   Posted by Levi at 7:37pm on September 20, 2020




  • robert burns says:

    Watch the low over florida. this thing is wicked. it just passed over me in fort myers florida. it tore my flag off my house and tilted my trees to a 45 degree angle!
    This thing is serious!

    • Cat says:

      I live in Ormond Beach Florida and we had wind and rain that felt like a tropical storm over the weekend. When I went to the grocery store Saturday night, I could barely open and close the car doors against the strong winds! And now, there’s a new area of interest to watch off the southeast coast of Florida that looks like it will loop back around the southern most tip of Florida and come inland on the southwest coast in a few days!

      • Levi says:

        The winds were part of the larger cold front moving down the Florida Peninsula, and not from a tropical system. There is not a substantial threat of imminent tropical development near Florida, but NHC is monitoring the cold front out of an abundance of caution. It’s possible that in a few days, the remains of the front could spawn a disturbance worth watching.

  • Joey B. says:

    Southeastern Louisiana is going to get a lot of rain from Beta.

  • Jake says:

    Only thing to worry about is pockets of heavy rain.

    You could see some water move further inland from the continuous surge. Especially in those places that barely became urbanized.

    This is too weak of a storm for people to take notice and take care of the Houston area.
    They are getting movement on a new storm surge barrier

    • Jake says:

      The air is moist now. A lot of that dry air has been taken over.

      At least it isn’t widespread and most of the Houston area can turn their roads into waterways.

      You are going to see some areas with larger rain totals.

  • ren says:

    Teddy is hitting Bermuda centrally. The hurricane is clearly turning northwest.

    • Clay says:

      No it’s not. It’s moving away from Bermuda towards the NNE.

      Why do people constantly come here just to post false things?

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