[Thursday Evening] Eta Expected to Redevelop and Impact the NW Caribbean, Bahamas, and Florida this Weekend

   Posted by Levi at 8:26pm on November 5, 2020




  • John says:

    Any chance it doesn’t re-organize over the Western Caribbean? That whole area has been cloud covered and I assume lots of rain as Et a first crossed thru there, about 6 days ago. Possible that and upwelling have lowered water temps here?

  • JP says:

    Love the insights! Feel like I’m learning from how you explain things. When can we hope for your next update? Would enjoy insights into what’s at play right now to help frame understanding as things unfold, even with the uncertainty that is inherent in this type of situation.

  • someone says:

    Do you think it becomes TS next advisory? Recon found SFMR’s of over 34 kts

  • someone says:

    3 PM CST advisory by the NHC 35mph, 1002 mb, and a center relocation to the south, TS warnings are issued for parts of Cuba

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