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November 2020
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[Monday Evening] Eta Pulling away from Florida – Could Approach Again by Mid-Week

   Posted by Levi at 8:45pm on November 9, 2020




  • John says:

    I can’t believe there is still so much widepsread uncertainty in the model runs. NHC Ofc Track looks better for our area. But the various models are literally all over the map. This is the storm from hell. Why won’t it just DIE? Or track far away and die off in the North Atlantic already?

  • ICader says:

    IT’S HAPPENED!!! 29th named storm THETA HAS FORMED! 2020’s Hurricane Season is officially legendary!

    Only 9 more until W Pac. Hurricane Season’s record is broken. Could happen.

  • someone says:

    1:55PM GMT SPECIAL ADVISORY ON THETA, Now has winds of 70 mph, based on satellite estimates, will be reflected on in the new intensity forecast at 3 PM GMT

  • someone says:

    Sorry I used so many capital letters

  • HAMMERTYME88 says:

    Thank you Levi for your expertise sure crazy how uncertain we are about this cyclone I just hope that it dies out in the ocean away from everyone!

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you for that comprehensive report

  • John says:

    No 3pm update, so far. But satellite image it seems to have started to move back North.

  • Frank D says:

    Hoping you can give us an update tonight.
    There seems to be a big shift east again … but still weakening?

    • John says:

      Yes this big shift is annoying. Freakin ZOMBIE STORM, just DIE!!!

      I hope it stays a TS or weaker by landfall, wherever that winds up being.

  • ICader says:

    The model forecasts over the past several days and the forecasters losing their minds:

    It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

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