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August 2021

[Sat / Aug 21] Hurricane Henri Nears Landfall in New England

   Posted by Levi at 9:12pm on August 21, 2021




  • Ben says:

    Thanks – as he said stay safe folks

  • Nancy Walton says:

    Thank you Levi. Great post!

  • Hi Levi,
    whenever there is any ‘weather’ starting up you are the expert I turn to to find out how it is going to play out. I find your posts informative, unemotional,containing facts with no emotive hype one often sees on the TV channels.

    I appreciate your knowledge, style and presentation!

    Thank you for keeping us well informed

  • Russ Wilson says:

    On Conanicut Island in Narragansett Bay, things are getting interesting, very much enjoy the edifying videos.

  • Eric Dagner says:

    On one of your videos I could hear a rooster cocka diddle doo in the background became a quick remembrance of this neighborhood in Makiki. Then I discovered you have a twitter feed and your home base is in Honolulu and thought you may not be too far away. Have been following Tropical Tidbits to get a a broader scope what’s happening on the Atlantic so one may understand Hurricane threats to Hawaii. Thank you so much for your all your efforts and explanations as it has taught me keys what to look for locally in any hurricane information. I am so tempted to ask couple question.
    Is there ever any recorded history of a hurricane hitting Oahu and why? Does Mauna Kea Mauna Loa and Haleakala disrupt most opportunities? do you feel safe in Honolulu from Hurricanes? If there is a Hurricane approaching Hawaii can you please give any Tidbits?

    Mahalos Aloha


  • Joseph Alexander says:

    I know that Henri was not nearly as strong as Irene 2011, but both were late August, coming northward along the east coast, were forecasted to be stronger than they were but somehow did not organize as much as it seemed they would, interacted with other systems and produced a lot of rain. Any ideas on why they struggled to organize? Thanks.

    • Les porter says:

      Could we get some synoptic discussion from you on the strong wave in the Caribbean that just about every model has hitting the texas coast as a hurricane. From cat 1 to cat 4
      (Other than it depends on how strong the high is over the south east)
      I know we don’t even have a circulation yet but it is only 6 days off and we have to prepare
      I live on mustang island and went through Harvey. Hence our concerns
      Anything you can do to assist with decisions we may have to make

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