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November 2022

[Monday Morning] Subtropical Storm Nicole Forms east of the Bahamas

   Posted by Levi at 10:54am on November 7, 2022




  • Jackie Luongo says:

    Broadcast came through just fine. Thanks

  • Heather says:

    Thank you Levi for making this video! Appreciate you!

  • Aaron says:

    Video worked very well and key info came across just as well as all of your detailed videos. Thanks Levi!

  • Rachael says:

    Thanks for all that you do Levi, watching here from NC Coast since our outdoor construction projects hinge on good forecasting. Your website is our “go to” for storm information. We have a scheduled pool being delivered in an off-road oceanfront area – always fun planning projects around the tides.

  • That kid says:

    I think the Nicole is gonna take a hard right before it hits Florida perhaps turning North sooner than the N.H.C.’s cone.

  • Anonymous says:

    Also, thank you, Levi.

  • Ben Ellenburg says:

    The video was fine – its the informaation in the video that is important.
    Thank You for doing this while on a trip – it means alot

  • Anonymous says:

    Even on the road you are the Oracle!

  • Jackie B says:

    Thank you

  • Celene Alexandra says:

    Thank you very much. Your presentation was great and I am very grateful. In your opinion do I need to put up my shutters or just lower my awnings. I live in a trailer and I am a senior handicapped citizen .


    Thank you so much Levi. Appreciate so much your taking the time to post for us during your travels. Very grateful Floridian.

  • Jamie says:

    Excellent report Levi. Here in Tampa I normally do not get too worried about storms coming in from the east coast, except we could get tornados and of course rain/flooding. I hope this one missed Ft Meyers area – there are lost of blue tarps up there and they can’t take more rain and wind.

    My personal “theory” is that every time NASA rolls out the Artemis rocket, the tropics respond with a storm! I just read that NASA will leave the rocket on the pad…

  • William says:

    Excellent report as always. Video presentation was great.

  • Don says:

    Came through just great. Thanks for everything, Jensen Beach, FL – Worried

  • Greg Roland says:

    The video report was great. Thanks for updating us! Fernandina keeping a close watch on this one.

  • Joy Johnson says:

    Thank you so much for doing this video for all of us who respect your concise and thorough analysis. I’m so much more prepared for the storms just because of you!

  • That kid says:

    A thing I have only seen on a few occasions is all the models agreeing.

  • Nancy says:

    Thanks Levi!!

  • ICader says:

    Thank you so much for reporting regardless of your location. It means a lot.

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