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[Monday] Subtropical Development Possible this Week Between Bahamas and Bermuda – No Immediate Threat

   Posted by Levi at 12:47pm on October 17, 2016  - 1 comment

An upper-level trough east of Florida is generating a region of disturbed weather near and east of the southeastern Bahamas. Such a system could gradually organize into a subtropical low between the Bahamas and Bermuda during the course of this week, but development would be slow to occur. The system poses no immediate threat, but wet weather could continue to impact portions of the Bahamas over the next few days. The National Hurricane Center gives this disturbance a 20% chance of developing into a subtropical or tropical storm over the next 2 days, and 50% over the next 5 days.

1 comment

Nicole Continues to Strengthen – Direct Hit to Bermuda Likely on Thursday

   Posted by Levi at 1:23pm on October 12, 2016  - 3 comments

Hurricane Nicole has continued to strengthen since yesterday, with winds now up to 90-100 mph according to the latest recon data. Nicole is expected to make what could be a direct hit on Bermuda near midday Thursday, and a hurricane warning is in effect for the island. Wind shear will be increasing as Nicole approaches Bermuda, but some additional strengthening is possible before the hurricane arrives. Please consult the National Hurricane Center and the Bermuda Weather Service for the latest information.


Tropical Storm Nicole to Threaten Bermuda on Thursday

   Posted by Levi at 2:42pm on October 11, 2016  - 3 comments

Tropical Storm Nicole is currently moving very slowly with winds of 60 mph. The storm is expected to begin moving northward into a region of warmer water and lower shear during the next day or two, and some strengthening is expected. Nicole is expected to be a hurricane and pass very close to Bermuda on Thursday. A hurricane watch and a tropical storm warning are in effect for the island.


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