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This page is automatically updated every 15 minutes with the latest information on active storms and disturbances in all ocean basins from the Automated Tropical Cyclone Forecast system (ATCF). Note for the Atlantic and eastern Pacific: while this information is official, it is issued at 6-hourly intervals (0z, 6z, 12z, and 18z) which fall in between the normal NHC full advisory times (3z, 9z, 15z, and 21z). The NHC advisories usually contain identical storm information to the preceding ATCF data file, but in the case of a rapidly evolving storm, these two sets of data may not always be the same. The latest official storm information can be found in the official NHC/JTWC track forecast image for each storm on the left-hand side of this page. Please visit the National Hurricane Center or the Joint Typhoon Warning Center for the latest official advisories and warning information. Thanks to Bob Hart at FSU for helping me find the ship data at NDBC.

Model Forecasts (click to enlarge):
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Global + Hurricane Models Model Forecast Tracks 00z  |  06z  |  12z  |  18z

CMC Ensembles GEPS Forecast Tracks 00z  |  12z

Analog TCs & Steering Patterns (click to enlarge): TC Analogs

Hurricane ANDRES
As of 00:00 UTC May 30, 2015:

Location: 13.1°N 114.9°W
Maximum Winds: 70 kt  Gusts: N/A
Minimum Central Pressure: 986 mb
Environmental Pressure: 1008 mb
Radius of Circulation: 200 NM
Radius of Maximum Wind: 20 NM
Eye Diameter: N/A

64 kt Wind Radii by Quadrant:

0 NM20 NM
10 NM20 NM

Visible/IR2 Satellite Image (click for loop): IR Satellite Image

Official NHC Forecast (click to enlarge): NHC Forecast Track

Surface Plot (click to enlarge): Note that the most recent hour may not be fully populated with stations yet.

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An invest is an area of disturbed weather for which the NHC is interested in collecting special data, such as microwave satellite imagery and specific model guidance. While the NHC says that designating a disturbance as an invest "does not correspond to any particular likelihood of development of the system into a tropical cyclone," it is generally known that if the NHC designates an invest, that system is of interest to them, and usually has at least a low chance of subtropical or tropical development. The ATCF file system contains specific information for active invests, similar to active tropical cyclones, and that information is displayed below, if available.

There are currently no invests in any ocean basin.

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