92L to Bring Rain to Florida; 91L May Develop Well Out to Sea

   Posted by Levi at 10:45pm on September 10, 2014




  • dave says:

    Another great job by Levi,would almost pay to here his blog on a regular basis.

  • Gary Z says:

    Idiots on Masters Blog are hoping 92L becomes a hurricane. Of course most of them don’t live in

  • Tyler says:

    You rock, dude! Thanks for all the info over the last couple of years that I’ve been following your posts. As a lifelong surfer, this old dude appreciates the facts without exaggeration. Very cool!

  • John Mayton says:

    Most helpful weather site on the web. I’m learning a lot watching your commentary. I live aboard a sailboat in South Florida and cruise about so having aye on the weather is helpful. Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Tucker says:

    I really enjoy video’s, they are very informative. I was wondering what your thoughts are for the rest of the season, I see some people are thinking the end of this month and the 1st two weeks in October could pick up some.

  • Anonymous says:

    At first I liked your page, but you never update anything. Why have the page If you can’t keep up…

  • Anonymous says:

    What I have seen has been very informative.A lot more than other sites. I check everyday hoping on some more.

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