Invest 97L a Potential Threat to Central America in a Few Days – Bringing Blustery Weather to Caribbean Islands

   Posted by Levi at 4:19pm on July 31, 2016

Update Monday 9:00AM AST:

Invest 97L has become better organized overnight, with deep convection over the wave axis. There is no evidence yet of a closed surface circulation. However, 97L is still capable of bringing tropical storm-like conditions to Jamaica tonight, with winds of 50mph or stronger at times. Residents of Jamaica should treat this as a tropical storm.

As 97L gets farther west, it will become easier to close off a circulation, and as soon as that happens, it could begin strengthening. Mexico, Belize, and Honduras should keep a close eye on this system, as they could be threatened by a tropical storm or hurricane late Wednesday or early Thursday.


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