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March 2012

A look at the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season

   Posted by Levi at 8:10pm on March 27, 2012

We shall see what happens!




  • Tzumomma says:

    Great & informative commentary, Levi! I hope we do have more moisture in the SE this summer, as FL has been very dry & TX can sure use the moisture too!
    Looking forward to spending the hurricane season with my Tropical Tidbits!

  • Matt J. says:

    Maybe we won’t have a situation where a tropical storm fizzles out right before landfall or right on impact. *cough cough* Don *cough cough*. 🙂

  • Bart Bartholomay says:

    Hi, Levi –

    Terrific summary of the upcoming tropical storm season. Glad to hear your updates again.

    Hope things are doing well for you at Univ. of Alaska.

    Best regards,


  • Craig Orndorff says:

    That was very well synthesized, Levi. A couple of comments/questions:

    1) Any thoughts on the N Atl TUTT (strength, location) and how it may aid your hypotheses? Your analog years might be of interest.

    2) What is r-value between N Atl and Niño 3.4 SST anomaly?

  • TxJewelya says:

    Just found your site…Thanks for a great update. Getting close to the start of the season, and always look forward to your analysis.

  • Anonymous says:

    we need a small update on the change in the enso and how it may influence the up coming season

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  • Patricia says:

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