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October 2012

Monday Afternoon Video Update on Hurricane Sandy

   Posted by Levi at 4:09pm on October 29, 2012

Everyone in the northeastern U.S. please stay safe during the next 48 hours.




  • Neven says:

    Hi Levi, thanks for another great update. So lowest pressure record is going to be smashed? Wow.

    Two questions:

    1) What will happen in the days after the storm has made landfall. Will it just dissipate or could it move out to sea again?

    2) Do you see any role(s) for AGW in this event? I myself have speculated on my blog that at least that blocking high-pressure system could have something to do with the record smashing melting season that ended in the Arctic about a month ago.


  • TzuMom says:

    Levi, thanks so much for all your dedication and work on keeping us all informed….you are the voice of information and reason, not hype….and you are very appreciated!

  • annie says:

    Thank you Levi for providing such great analysis of what is going on.

  • Ruth Snow says:

    You are doing a terrific job. Let’s hope all sentient beings are safe.

  • Originallt says:

    Thanks,Levi, I live in Stamford CT. and so far, as of 4:35pm EDT. my winds have not been too bad. Mainly 25-35mph on my anemometer, with a top gust 52mph. We’ve had very little rain, less than .10″, But my barometers very low, at 28.70″. I just do not see much more precip being in the cards for me, maybe 1″ if I am lucky. The system is just about making landfall now on the NJ. coast, it sped up to 28mph. this afternoon, as it moves WNW. It seems the tidal surge is verifying in Long Island Sound, and in the NYC area. AS I am typing this the winds have increased to 35-45mph, with a top gust to 58mph. So maybe those winds are rotating around to the NE quadrant of the storm. As you say, “we shall see.” Take care and thanks again . Larry T.

  • Steven Goodheart says:

    Tremendous job, my friend. I praised and posted your great site as the storm was approaching, and many expressed appreciation. Your site is one of the few “go to” sites when tropical weather roars. Thank your for your science and enthusiasm. Steve Goodheart

  • Gary Z says:

    For once a big hyped storm delivered.
    Too bad the experts were right.
    Living in Florida, it’s usually our state that gets it.
    Living on the water is great, with even greater Risk.
    Thanks Levi..

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