Bertha Forms – Bringing Rain to the Caribbean Islands – No Threat to the U.S.

   Posted by Levi at 6:38pm on August 1, 2014




  • Michael says:

    Your videos are super educational, its awesome. Thanks!

  • Mark says:

    I agree with Michael, super educational.
    I am here to see if I get hit by a hurricane but am learning much more about the whole subject.
    Thanks for your great explanations :)

  • Joe says:

    How big will waves get on the east coast, and will there be much of a riptide? Great videos!

  • May says:


    I’m posting for two reasons. The first is to say thank you so much for your posts! They’re incredibly informative and they help me make sense of a lot of things. The second is to ask about your opinion on Bertha’s impact on travel. I’m flying out of Philly at around 9:30am tomorrow (8-2-14) and am scheduled to land in San Juan at 1:30pm. Do you think my flight will still happen? I know many things say that Bertha will affect the Southwest part of the island more and the airport isn’t in that region…wondering your thoughts! And…anyone who wants to keep their fingers crossed for me is more than welcome to! Thanks for your time!

    • Levi says:

      Hi May,

      Bertha will be approaching PR by that point, but it is a weak system, so rainfall is the biggest impact. I’m unfamiliar with how the San Juan airport handles tropical weather, so I couldn’t comment on whether to expect delays. Like I said though, it’s a weak storm.

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