New Disturbance in Gulf of Mexico – Other Tropical Threats Next 7 Days

   Posted by Levi at 2:37pm on August 27, 2014




  • Mark says:

    Wow! Super impressed that your thoughts in the video on Aug 25, at 3 minutes in, looks like developing exactly as you suggested. Now on the NHC development graphic.

    Difference between NHC, other weather sites and you is that you explain in simple terms backed up with your graphics. Really does make your stuff insightful and compelling to watch. Great teaching technique.

  • luis veloz says:

    Soy de república dominicana he estado siguiendo tu análisis del tiempo y me parecen maravillosos de verdad con que facilidad te expresas tanto que sin saber mucho ingles te comprendemos bastante perdona que te escriba en español pero quise felicitarte en nuestro idioma, eres nuestra edificación en análisis del tiempo ojala te anímese y en esta o en otra pagina puedas explicar con tus análisis en español también. Te felicito y sigues haciendo esto que de tanta importancia es para nosotros que vivimos en el Trópico.

    god bless you. from a friend in the caribeña

    Luis veloz

  • Justin says:

    Very insightful. I have been highly interested in atmospheric science (particularly tropical) since Hugo In ’89. I was 9 then and should’ve pursued a career in the realm. Either way, I am very impressed with, and thankful for, stumbling upon your Tropical Tidbits! I will be sure to keep an eye on your videos, as they are more detailed and informative than most of what I can find elsewhere. Thanks so much, Levi! —Justin B.

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