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October 2014

Potential for Subtropical Rain Event in Eastern Gulf of Mexico Region October 25-30

   Posted by Levi at 9:07pm on October 18, 2014




  • kaiden says:

    Thanks for the update Levi, will be keeping an eye on this one I may be on the fringe of it. We finally made it to Alaska last month. It was beautiful, planning another trip in 2 years, but flying up there and renting a car for a week and bum around on our schedule.

  • Landfall2004 says:

    Hi Levy,

    Re: October FL weather. My son was born during a tropical storm on Nov. 1, 1987.

    Then, I cannnot remember how it formed, but back in October 1995, around the 19th or 20th, we here in Martin County FL had 19 inches of flooding rain in 2-3 days. They said it was a 100 year flood—but it is the time of year for it.

    And even though October is supposed to be drier month, as a child, it ALWAYS rained on Halloween, and did in later years, too, when my kids were small. Not so much now, but maybe this year!

    So, Levi, welcome to Florida (even though you are really in southern ALA/GA—LOL) where if you wait a few minutes, the weather will change!!!

    And remember, if there is ever a storm headed our way, you are welcomed to come ride it out at our house. Don’t worry, we made it thru Frances and Jeanne (and Wilma’s back-side.)

  • HarryKane says:

    October is the second most rainy month in south Florida, second only to June at the start of the rainy season. This event from the Yucatan falls right in place and hopefully will only be benaficial rains with limited flooding. Nothing like some good rains (without the winds) to kick off the start of our dry months. Thank You Levi for all the great work you have done for all of us in the 2014 hurricane season. Looking forward to your 2015 predictions and insite.

  • Kim says:

    Hey Levi! How about a small update on your thoughts on invest 93l?

  • Jason says:

    Levi, thanks again for your updates during the tropical seasons! It is truly refreshing to be able to listen to someone whom truly provides an actual in-depth analysis of the tropics and be able to read/predict the patterns a week or more ahead….and described in a very simplistic way. A majority of the time you are spot on! Its a shame that a most of the meteorologists now days, especially on the cable networks, have become simple ‘weather watchers’ instead of ‘weather forecasters’….very lazy if you ask me. I look forward every day to see if there’s a new Tidbit on the tropics. You are creating a cult following and hope you continue this for years to come!

    BTW what are the chances you could give an in-depth analysis on some of the big winter Noreasters? Would be facinated to hear your analysis one sometime this winter.


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