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February 2015

Regarding this Website and Advertisements

   Posted by Levi at 6:37pm on February 14, 2015

Dear readers,

Long have I developed this website with the intent of serving all content free of charge, and I wish to continue this practice. As a result, however, this website has generated zero direct revenue for me during the last 3 years. Now a graduate student at FSU, paying the bills of life and the bills for the server that runs this website is unsustainable in the long term. While some of you have very graciously donated from time to time, I can no longer keep up. That is, unless something changes. I have avoided ads for years, as I hate them, but they are the only way to generate revenue while simultaneously keeping the website free. Freedom of access has made my model maps page one of the most popular web pages of its kind in the world. The traffic to this site has grown enough that ads may be able to reasonably offset some of my costs.

Following this post, you will begin to see ads at the sides of some pages. They will not interfere with the current layout, and I hope will not be too big of a distraction. For now, only PC users with screens wide enough to fit the ads will see them. I have disabled all ad categories that I deem weird, inappropriate, or otherwise idiotic. If you encounter an ad that disgusts you, please email me about it so that I may consider removing another ad category. Of course, if you simply can’t stand ads of any kind, you can use AdBlock, for which I would not blame you.

Thanks for reading, and I hope some of you will still find this website useful as time marches on.