Wednesday: Danny Struggling, but May Still Strengthen

   Posted by Levi at 9:55pm on August 19, 2015




  • Jeremy Montague says:

    Thanks, Levi… euro vs. gfs, battle of the heavyweights!

  • capefear caner says:

    Thanks for the post, appreciate your knowledge and analysis- think Danny’s days are numbered!

  • Dan says:

    the vertical instability is not favorable for the next 24-48 hours. also probably why its been having trouble getting its act together.

  • Brian Osburn says:

    Levi…I have been following your evolution for some years now…and what I see is most impressive.

    You have a wonderful speaking style. You are not reading from a script, yet you come off sounding uber-professional, unquestionably knowledgeable, and well prepared.

    The world is ready for you, man! I am sure all of the old-timers are as proud and honored to have watched you grow in this skill as I am.

  • HarryCane says:

    Hi Levi, Thank You! If the storm, or what is left to the storm, makes a west northwest movement north of PR and the DM and avoids the mountains and land interference, would the waters of the Bahamas be less hostile for redevelopment?

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