Nicole Continues to Strengthen – Direct Hit to Bermuda Likely on Thursday

   Posted by Levi at 1:23pm on October 12, 2016

Hurricane Nicole has continued to strengthen since yesterday, with winds now up to 90-100 mph according to the latest recon data. Nicole is expected to make what could be a direct hit on Bermuda near midday Thursday, and a hurricane warning is in effect for the island. Wind shear will be increasing as Nicole approaches Bermuda, but some additional strengthening is possible before the hurricane arrives. Please consult the National Hurricane Center and the Bermuda Weather Service for the latest information.




  • Justin says:

    Awesome storm! You can see all of the mesovortices along the eyeball, breaking off and spinning down in the eye. Those meso’s have a direct correlation to “hot towers” and intensification.
    The best, least resistive way nature transports heat in a vortex?

  • Justin says:


    • Wayne says:

      LOL. “eyeball”

      Utterly hilarious.

      Anyway, prayers for Bermuda. Even with their excellent building code, they’re sure to sustain damage from this monster that’s really ramping up as I type. Hopefully, it weakens a bit as its eye nears Bermuda tomorrow.

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