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September 2017

[Saturday] Hurricane Jose and Newly-Formed Tropical Depression 15 Both Threats to Land

   Posted by Levi at 6:13pm on September 16, 2017

Latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center on Jose

Latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center on TD15




  • Peter says:

    Things are looking bad for us here in Puerto Rico.
    Thanks Levi for the best info available on the web.

  • Greg goodman says:

    Levi this greg in as it stands now no threat for the gulf?

  • MathLover9000 says:

    We are making history this year. Two devastating hurricane landfalls. Harvey in Texas and Irma in the Caribbean and Florida. Two Cat 4 landfalls in the US this year. A potential major landfall in the Caribbean and even in the Eastern US. We haven’t seen a hurricane season like this in a long time.

  • Janet says:

    Thanks Levi.

    In your archives November 2012 is missing. I wanted to look at Hurricane Sandy having lived thru it. Do you have it somewhere else on your website ?


  • bill white says:

    Excellent site..Especially the narration. Flhurricane is great but glad i found something different

  • Cody Miller says:

    Hey Levi, great video as always. Can we completely rule out the Gulf with Marie?

  • Jes says:

    I can speak for everyone here in the turks and caicos when I say we had enough of hurricanes after dealing Irma.

    • Anne says:

      How did TC Villas fare?

      • Jes says:

        Everything got damage pretty badly. Nothing made it out intact. Most of the businesses here are shut down for repairs. All the schools are still shut down after receiving damages from Irma. Our main source of electricity comes from generators and solar panels. I’m using 4G internet service mainly to see what’s happening in the atlantic and to have connection with the outside world.

  • breachborn says:

    Levi, now that electricity is working – Thank Goodness for Gov. Scott and Duke Energy et al! – I needed to return to send along A Hearty THANK YOU for your no-hype stay on topic information. Your approach is thoughtful, direct and responsible.
    Greatly appreciate your steadfast work.
    Well Done!

  • Mike and Janine says:

    Donation sent!

    (As we reassemble our live aboard sailboat from a scrape with Irma, I’m attempting to displace my frustration from Maria with gratitude)

  • Mike Brown says:

    you are doing a tremendous job Levi i appreciate your hard work and the time you place into your videos as always i watched most of your videos over the years. thanks to you Levi i was able to convince my video game streamer friend Swifty to have his sister leave the Keys.It was a good thing she did because the storm only left her foundation of her house behind.See so stay positive i know it’s hard but your are helping to save lives and in the end i think that is the goal here Levi. your friend Mike Brown Nova Scotia, Canada.

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