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August 2018

[Thursday Afternoon] Hurricane Lane on Final Approach to the Hawaiian Islands

   Posted by Levi at 10:28pm on August 23, 2018

Latest Official Information on Hurricane Lane




  • Jim Caruso says:

    Hi Levi – you mentioned that the upper winds were out of the SW, with lower level winds out of the SE, and that the storm was moving north as these winds battle each other, with the expectation that as the storm weakens the lower level winds will “win” and push the storm NW and then W. However, I am confused because I thought the mid and upper level winds are the steering currents for hurricanes, so why would the lower level winds be that much of a factor? Just trying to learn, appreciate your help.

    • Levi says:

      Hi Jim, hurricanes are steered by winds at all levels of the atmosphere in which they reside. The direction of movement is ultimately determined by a combination of winds at all levels. That includes the lower levels. We often look at single “steering levels” as a convenient approximation, but that doesn’t mean the other levels don’t matter.

      • Jim Caruso says:

        Makes sense, thank you! Awesome website, the ideal balance of technical content for weather geeks like me while being user friendly enough for the complete layperson. Fantastic presentation skills!

  • Dirtyharry says:

    Thanks for the review. Waikki beach is only ten to 15 feet deep for 200 yds and any storm surge would flood to their canal and two floors of the entire beach frontage. We can hope it makes a hard west in the next 6 hours. Earth wind had conflicking winds at 1000,800,500,200 which means a break down possible.

  • Lorna says:

    Thank you Levi, I ‘m Really Scared to death, My daughter lives 3 to 5 blocks from the beach in Kailua, on Oahu ,(for one year) I thought she would be safe on the other side of the island, but now i’m terrified of Tsunami type Tides, I live in New Orleans so I have been through some Major Hurricanes and so has she ,But living on an island there is nowhere to go! inland near the mountains is even worse. The Island does not have Hurricane shelters that could even with stand a Cat 1 and most of them are in high flood zones.The Locals are not used to this, they have never been through hurricanes this bad. Not even small ones. Keep use posted, I appreciate all your info, thanks

  • Benjamin says:

    Hi Levi,

    Could you do a post shear explanation of what’s happening with Lane? Unprecedented flooding on the Big Island…

    How is this storm so powerful and causing so much rain.

  • Chris says:

    We live on Oahu. As of right now, 11PM Hawaii time, Friday 24 August, I am looking at the satellite picture and it looks clearly like this whole downgraded storm turned straight east and covered Big Island. But all of the predicted tracks still show it headed west. Doesn’t make much sense. I’ve got all my lawn furniture in the garage, and we haven’t gotten one little bit of wind, and only a few showers. I feel like NOAA is dropping the ball by not updating their information right now. All of us on Oahu are still waiting for this thing to hit and we see too completely contradictory pictures coming from officials sources.

  • Tom says:

    Hey Levi,

    Thank you for your commentary and website. I relied heavily on both while monitoring Lane. I’d like to send a tangible token of appreciation. Is Patron the best way to do that?

    Thank you!


  • Cole says:

    What are your thoughts on the wave approaching the gulf? According to this article, this could develop next week:

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