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September 2018

Thursday Evening Update on Hurricane Florence and the Rest of the Tropics

   Posted by Levi at 7:01pm on September 13, 2018

Latest Information on All Storms from the National Hurricane Center




  • Lee says:

    Thanks for all of your great work!

  • Daniel says:

    Yes! Thank you Levi!

  • John says:

    Really like the lengthy analysis of the tropical storms and hurricanes. Good job Levi.

  • Phillip Justice says:

    Thank you for the detailed analysis.

  • Jackie says:

    Another articulate, concise, presentation. Levi tells you everything you need to know without the hysteria of MSM. Thanks, Levi.

    To those of you in the path that have stayed…whatever happens, you are going to be alright. Everything seems worse at night.

  • Laura says:

    Glad I found your site, Levi. Thanks so much for the details and updates!

  • Janet says:

    Great update, Levi. Ditto for all the other info on your pages re Florence. The latest recon mission is riveting, esp. the latest bits of it. Your tweet re wind was spot on > hunters are picking up some impressive bits of wind just offshore. Question: the hunters never cross over land, correct? I see on this mission the aircraft seems to be, right now, hugging the coast. I’ve never seen that before.

    • Jim C says:

      Janet, they will sample over land if the eye is partly over land. The will also sample over land as long as the storm remains a hurricane and is partly or (rarely) mostly over land.

      Regards, Jim

  • GREG says:

    Great post levi I love your site.i live in mobile.

  • Ed K says:

    You do a great job. I visit your site daily for updates. I live in a flood prone area of Western PA and your reports are a necessary part of proactive flood prevention measures I employ. Correct me if I’m wrong……seem to remember back in the 60’s a program where they could seed the clouds of these storms with aluminum hydroxide to reduce the amount of moisture being absorbed resulting in a far less severe storm. Ever hear of this? Seems the ROI would be significant considering the billions of dollars damage done by these storms. Keep up the good work!,,,,

    • Jim C says:

      Ed, activated alumina is a the desiccant that was supposedly useful for decreasing rain in a situation like we have here. While it looks good on paper, you’d need about seventeen 747 cargo jet loads of the stuff to decrease the amount of rain in a single thunderstorm by one inch falling on the ground. You can imagine how many flights you need for a storm the size of Flo. It’s one of the ideas that will crop up occasionally that just doesn’t work.

      Regards, Jim

  • Patrick says:

    Your comprehensive analysis combined with visual effects/maps are excellent. Best stuff I have seen. Thanks.

  • Joey B says:

    Levi, How much of a training effect will Florence have with inland North Carolina?

  • Dave R. says:

    Again noted Levi, excellent non-cataclysmic explanation of facts. Keep at it, well done.

  • Truck says:

    One of the best sites that I have seen. Thanks Levi keep up the good work

  • Alex Stuart says:

    Funny how everytime I hear about a hurricane, I always want to see what Levi says..even though Alaska does not get hurricanes.

  • Deborah says:

    I appreciate your no nonsense approach to forecasting, unlike the crew at the Weather Channel. I’m located in Wilmington NC and stayed for the storm. We didn’t have any flooding but we do have a lot of tree debris and mess. I feel fortunate. As of 5:33 pm on 09-14-18, we are still getting storm bands with gusty winds and rain. I wish you could speed things up a bit for us 🙂

  • Bug says:

    Hey, Levi. Just wanted to pop in from Chas, SC. Getting a bit gusty here but no rain yet to speak of. Hoping we squeak by without too many problems.
    Winds are currently from the west at about 23 mph, gusts to 40 mph. Our pressure has dropped from around 29.94 at 8 a.m. this morning to 29.57 at 11 pm tonight.
    After watching and waiting, checking the NHC forecasts, the model runs, etc, we decided yesterday to stay put here, rather than evac to family inland. I think they’re going to get it worse than we will.
    Might check in again tomorrow, if we still have power.


    Bruddah Levi where is the update ?? I’m sitting here on Kauai checking for your summation of things so I can make plans for heading to the area and help family. I don’t trust fake weathermen pretending to fall over for ratings and need actual scientific data…lol

  • Sandi says:

    Will there be a Friday night update?

    • Jim C says:

      Sandi, doesn’t look like it. Flo is no longer a hurricane and the structure is starting to deteriorate. Local offices are starting to handle most of the forecasting now, along with the WPC for rainfall totals. Now those of us start to keep an eye on Isaac. Models show it holding together through the eastern Caribbean “graveyard” and possibly intensifying in the more hospitable western Caribbean. This might be news for the Gulf Coast laste this coming week.

      Regards, Jim

  • Bug says:

    Never even had a flicker of power outage. We have had pretty steady rain all day. Light rain,showers or misty rain. Comes and goes with the bands that are still passing by. I’ve measured about an inch and a half in my gauge so far.

    Traffic is returning to normal. I guess folks that stayed are getting out and about and the ones that left are coming back. More businesses open today. Some never closed. Hubby went to a nearby grocery store yesterday. It was open but pretty picked over.

    Not sure what the barometer dropped to overnight but it has been slowly rising all day and currently is at 29.53. Breezy but not tree swayingly gusty like it was last night.

    We really lucked out this time.

  • Alex Kushch says:

    When you eventually get your job as the probable chief of NOAA, please don’t ever stop publishing this straightforward, honest and concise tracking of hurricanes. You helped me alleviate my fears last year with Irma when it came up through South Florida. I use your site exclusively to get away from hysterical, anxiety provoking reporting found on The Weather Channel and national media. Facts and science trump hype and melodrama. You are a great teacher and the depth of your knowledge at your age and stage in life is impressive. Keep up the wonderful work!
    Dr. Kushch

  • Jenny says:

    Hi Levi,

    I just want to say thanks for your informative and balanced reporting! My family found Tropical Tidbits last year while prepping for Irma and we now watch every video you post. My 6 year old especially loves your analysis and listens to every word. I took a photo of him watching on Thursday but I don’t think I can post photos here. Anyway, please know you have big fans both old and very young. 🙂

    Thanks again,

  • Truck9445 says:

    Levi? Where you been???

  • Anonymous says:

    Long time, no tidbit….hope we here from you tonight on Kirk…

  • Puzzled says:

    Really quite confused . Excellent information about an approaching storm one minute ( Florence) , then complete silence the next – no follow up as storm continues and silence as other storms wreak havoc I.e Kirk.

  • Weather Viewer says:

    I think he only posts when a storm threatens the mainland US coastline. This site seems to focus on forecasting and projections but not the follow ups.

  • Gerry says:

    Hello Levi,

    Wanted to get your input on Invest 91L. We live in the Mexican coast south of Cancun. It seems to have a pretty high probability of developing into, at least, a Tropical Storm in the next couple of days.


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