Sally Intensifying with Max Winds of 100 mph as it Approaches the Gulf Coast

   Posted by Levi at 6:31pm on September 14, 2020




  • Margaret Parson says:

    Thank you Levi. You do an amazing job

  • Can anyone the last hurricane on the gulf coast with this much uncertainty to landfall this close to land? NHC is usually very accurate within 3 days but Sally is a tough one to pin down!

  • DJ says:

    As always, thanks Levi. These updates are very helpful.

  • ren says:

    A latitudinal stationary front over the southern states stops Sally at the Gulf Coast.

  • ren says:

    Sally will be ashore in New Orleans in a few hours.

  • Bonni says:

    I am in Navarre, Florida – the area very close to the Santa Rosa – Okalossa borrder. We are having moderate rain and wind. I hope that helps.

  • Bonni says:

    PS: Sorry for the typo, BORDER, I meant. Plus, I was posting at 2313, CST.

  • Bonni says:

    The rain slapping up against our brick veneer and atop of our roof is intense. I cannot see outside at this time to indicate the wind, but we are having pretty decent winds. Just got contacted by the emergency warning system to shelter against a tornado. Eek.

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