Delta Enters Gulf of Mexico; Expected to be a Powerful, Dangerous Hurricane at Landfall

   Posted by Levi at 5:54pm on October 7, 2020




  • Sharon from St. Pete says:

    Thanks for your very professional and detailed explanation of tropical weather. I like knowing more detail and not less. I’m absorbing new information with every update. Couldn’t be more grateful

  • Eric L Sprague says:

    Thanks Levi… I have been tuning into your website all year as I live near NOLA. You have been a busy man this season. Hopefully you get a well deserved break after this one. Thanks for keeping all of updated all season long!

  • r says:

    Delta is finally clearing out its eye!

  • Zen says:


  • Zen says:

    I can only see the eastern side of the eye. :(

  • Zen says:

    It’s here folks!

  • Michael Smith says:

    Tropical Tidbits… What beautifully presented information. Thank you very much..

  • Ka says:

    Thank you, Levi, for the concise, articulate, knowledgeable and no hype explanation!
    As a control freak And having been wiped out by Ivan, Dennis and now Sally, you and your site enables me to get a better understanding of the facts and scientific analysis. Thank You!

  • Zen says:

    Thank you very much Levi.

  • Brand says:

    You need to more current

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