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October 2020

[Monday Evening] Zeta Strengthens into a Hurricane as it Approaches the Yucatan Peninsula

   Posted by Levi at 7:55pm on October 26, 2020




  • Bill says:

    Thanks for your tidbits. Much appreciated

  • Joey B. says:

    Is the water cool enough to weaken it before it approaches New Orleans from the western point of the track? It’s making landfall to the west, & moving over New Orleans?

  • Saint says:


    Thanks as always. We (those on the coast) really appreciate the time you put in to keep us informed.

  • ren says:

    This amount of water over Valladolid is likely to cause a flood.

  • ren says:

    You can see a deep front over northern Mexico. The low will move eastward and suck Zeta into the Gulf of Mexico.
    There is a high above the south-eastern US.

  • ren says:

    La Niña is developing slowly and at the beginning of November the Nino 3.4 index will reach -1.5 C.

  • Walter Johnson says:

    Your analysis and comments are much appreciated. Additional danger for those affected by Zeta is the debris from the prior hurricanes. This doesn’t get mentioned much, but any flooding or high winds will be moving this debris around in a dangerous manner. Thanks again!

  • Eric says:

    This is getting old! Had enough of this season. It could be possibly snowing in Dallas and we getting hit by a hurricane in NOLA on the same day. Something doesn’t seem right about that.

  • Zen says:

    I think most of U.S.A. will get snow this year.

  • Zen says:

    I think the season has been rather scary for the U.S. mostly the gulf

  • ren says:

    As the ice in Antarctica melts in November, the temperature of the Peruvian current drops. The surface of the tropical Pacific will be very cold by the end of the year.

  • Bonni says:

    Stop with the global warming/cooling junk unless you have proven evidence. My undergrad was in geology. Some of ya’ll are making me sick to my stomach with your lack of knowledge. Let’s just please focus on the potentials of a hurricane making landfall, and pray for those potentially in Zeta’s supposed path (cone zone.) Unless you have FACTUAL data, just please go to sleep. Sorry for being a jerk . . . I just really hate the whole “scare the crap out of people” thing. Goodnight. <3

    • Ken Lassman says:

      Um, Bonni, unless something has been removed, you are the only one who brought up global warming/cooling. La Nina discussions are perfectly legitimate, a complex, intensively studied cycle recognized by all and you know that. Same with the impact of cooling Antarctic waters on the Peruvian current. Sleep well!

  • Joey B says:

    Zeta kicked my A$$.

  • Joey B says:

    Zeta kicked my You know what…..

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