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October 2020

[Saturday Evening] New Storm Forms in Caribbean – Significant Threat to Central America

   Posted by Levi at 7:52pm on October 31, 2020




  • Joey B says:

    Electricity is slowly being returned to the Metropolitan New Orleans area, but looking into next week for most areas.

    • Kenneth E. Lamb says:

      To Joey:

      The lack of national coverage about NOLA is distressing; thanks for taking time to update the situation!

  • Danielle Hollywood says:

    You’re so awesome Levi. I check your site daily and I’m sure you have saved many lives. Keep up the extraordinary work:)

  • Kenneth E. Lamb says:

    To Dr. Cowan:

    I just finished watching your Saturday Vlog, and I’m hoping you are able to post again on Sunday night so we can get your thoughts on Eta.

    The thing I love about your Vlog is the way you lay out a number of possibilities for these storms. It is by showing the range of future possible events that makes your Vlog so superior to any other on the Internet.

    I also want to express my admiration for your dedication to your viewers. Even though you were tied up on the road Saturday night, you still came through for us and produced an excellent explanation of what is happening with Eta. That professional dedication is worthy of the highest respect.

    Well, it’s Sunday night, and I hope you are able to produce another Vlog for this evening – and especially your thoughts about what might develop in the northern Caribbean. I watched another Vlog that talked about there being as many as three storms going at the same time the end of next week, and the beginning of the week after; I recognize going out 10-days is highly speculative, however, I believe your regular viewers will understand the speculative nature of the conjectures, and are very appreciative about the way you lay them out on the table for us.

    I hope your travels were safe, and I look forward to this continuing journey of tropical forecasting we are taking with you!

  • Zach says:

    Eta now 110 mph in 10 Am EDT advisory with a pressure of 962 mb

  • Zach says:

    10 EST advisory*

  • Zen says:

    HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS just look at that eyewall it looks as good as dorian’s if not better than what goni even was!!!!!!!!!

  • Zen says:

    I will no longer be using this site for at least 4-5 months maybe 6 or 7

  • Anonymous says:

    and kenneth i am sorry i read your comment from zeta and i am truly sorry for the misunderstanding

  • Zen says:

    yes that was me zen

  • Zach says:

    Eta now a major Hurricane as of the 1:00pm Est advisory

  • Gerry says:

    Wow, was looking at the Windy forecast for this storm for Wednesday next week. It has it resurfacing and reforming into a major hurricane and heading for the Cuba/Yucatan channel!!!

  • someone says:

    What happened to Recon? they turned around

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