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July 2021

[Monday] Elsa to Cross Cuba During Late Monday, Approach Florida on Tuesday

   Posted by Levi at 12:53pm on July 5, 2021




  • Ernesto Luege says:

    Here we go…as Elsa is getting closer to Florida’s coast. Great analysis Dr. Levie, as always. Live in Miami, I have an insurance agency and I use your reports to document myself as to what’s going on without the hype and pass it on to some of our insured by giving them this site for their own edification. Thank you for all the great information. I would like to know the difference between a hurricane and a cyclone. I know that sometimes you call it cyclonic activity when you were referring to a particular storm. I was under the impression that hurricanes are in the Atlantic and cyclones were in the Pacific and typhoons in the western Pacific??? In other words, the name depends on what ocean the storm is at.
    When you have an opportunity can you elaborate on that? I thank you in advance!

    • Sroc4 says:

      Ernesto, In the Atlantic you call it hurricane, In the Pacific you call it Typhoon. Both are cyclones. As far as my understanding cyclones refer to any large scale low pressure system where air flows inward towards the center of circulation. N Hemisphere that would be counter clockwise rotation, and S. hemisphere clockwise.

    • Patterson MacGregor says:

      And don’t forget, in 2022 NOAA goes WOKE and no longer can storms be given a MALE or FEMALE noun or be referred to with any associated pronoun.

      Hence the Biden Administration has directed NOAA and the NHC to refer to all storms with Roman Numerals preceded by the 4 digit year!

      • AC says:


      • AlWx says:

        That’s laughable. No clue where you heard that or if you just made it up yourself but it is undeniably FALSE.

      • Ranger Dave says:

        False. Stop making up lies to fit your agenda.

      • Janet says:

        But Patterson CAPITALIZED IT so it’s true!

      • chickenhawk says:

        It’s called humor folks. Just let it roll…


        • Joshua Livermore says:

          love this site and the first place I go when I want to know what a hurricane is doing when I am near the path. Way more informative than the news.

          So whats the latets? 🙂

  • Janet says:

    Thanks for the analysis. I love hearing all the details!

  • Shelly Jefferson says:

    Love ya Levi, but it is pronounced STEEN hatchy. Don’t forget.

  • Yonason says:

    Very professional. Informative and educational. Should get some kind of award!

    You’re my “go-to” “in-depth” forecaster. A pleasure to listen to. I mean, if bad things are headed my way, I prefer to hear them told clearly and rationally. The best recipe for an optimal outcome in any emergency is to avoid panic. Listening to you is very calming. You’re “a natural.”

    Thank you!

  • Craig says:

    Are these storms called Cyclones when in the Indian Ocean?

  • John says:

    I wish Levi would give us a Tuesday update. Nitty gritty on the remaining steering currents as it heads toward landfall in N Florida.

  • Captain says:

    Hurricane-like storms are called by different names in the different regions of the world. For example, the name “hurricane” is given to systems that develop over the Atlantic or the eastern Pacific Oceans. In the western North Pacific and Philippines, these systems are called “typhoons” while in the Indian and South Pacific Ocean, they are called “cyclones”.

  • Scott says:

    Love the report. How often do you update them? I noticed nothing was posted for today, Tuesday, July 6th.

  • Frank D says:

    I keep checking for a Tuesday update?

    Pretty much next to the direct path, 3-5 ft surge zone, on pins and needles waiting if there will be a bad aftermath.

    High tides, high winds and counter clock wise water flow after she passes towards landfall is extremely worrisome. Fingers crossed our storm prep will be enough.

  • Anonymous says:

    Over here in Clearwater. We had worse storms on a regular day. All the hype for nothing. My neighbors spent $65 a window to be covered by a contractor. Now I will have to look at those eyesore homes because they will leave it up the whole season

    • Frank D says:

      I think most of us have been through worse, I know I have been, even through the eye of a hurricane. Thing is, it can go different ways and there is no exact prediction as to what will happen exactly where and when. Any tropical event can turn nasty and flood people out. It has famously happened with the no-name storm. I have had storms and hurricanes with the same path flood neighbors and family out. Is it annoying if the forecast is worse than it turns out to be, yes. I think the storm surge was overstated. 2-5 feet when we got only 1. But better safe than sorry.

    • Anonymous says:

      I spent most of the day on Tuesday bringing stuff inside and getting everything ready.

      Then most of the day on Wednesday taking it back out.

      I started to complain a little about how it was a waste of time, but then I figured if it had been worse, I would still be doing the same thing if not more.

      Way it goes I guess.

  • Ben E says:

    Dr Cohen

    If I might offer a suggestion:

    You should do a video up to (and including) the day a Tropical System makes a landfall.

    At the end of the last video – you should make a note at the end of that video that this will be your last on that particular storm.

    That will keep folks from wondering why you didn’t keep going.
    Anyway my 2 cents

    Thanks for your work

    • Anonymous says:

      I know I would appreciate this. I know he doesn’t update after they hit land, but I really thought there would be a Tuesday video. Ended up looking around elsewhere for information.

    • Sroc4 says:

      There wasnt much change in the overall impacts from Monday to Tuesday so I guess he chose not to spend the time making a video. Ive followed Levi for some time now and usually if there isnt a video it means not much to add, or that he has personal stuff he is involved with. He does this because he loves to; not because he is obligated to. You can always check his twitter status as he often times, as he did here, gives brief updates there too. Remember as he states at the beginning of all his videos his videos are his thoughts alone. Always consult the NHC for the latest involving impacts for your specific area.

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