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September 2021

[Fri / Sep 24] Hurricane Sam Strengthening; Could Pass Close to Leeward Islands

   Posted by Levi at 12:46pm on September 24, 2021




  • ike hietala says:

    Hello, I use your website daily and always keep an eye out for your videos.Very informative, comprehensive and presented in a calm, peaceful manner. Very educational. I find it very refreshing that you don’t have to have your face in the corner of the screen. Nothing personal, but its about the material and not a FaceTime event.Great website with a permanent tab on my workstation. Have a good day.

  • Mr. S says:

    Finally! I’ve been checking multiple times a day for a video. My students have been asking too. Thank you! Can’t wait to see it.

  • James Gill says:

    Thank you Dr Levi. Loved ones on Atlantic coast.

  • Scooster says:

    Been following you sense WU 2005 or so. Still the best analyst as you were then as a teen.

  • Renee says:

    As always, informative ….and you give us an appreciation of the dynamic influences on tropical systems. Thank you.

  • Mr. G says:

    Thank you Levi I’ve been looking for your videos for a few days now but I was glad to see it very informative it beats the news all to hell you calmly tell us exactly where the storm is and where it’s going and how it’s going to get there and it’s very refreshing thank you so much for your insight or this is the best website on hurricanes there is again thank you Levi

  • thomas k lane says:

    Thank you Dr. Levi. Great stuff and explained well for us laymen. Live on SC Coast so your site is my go to site.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey, can you explain what the heck happened to Sam’s organization last night? That thing weakened nearly as fast as if it hit land! Why did that happen?

  • John Connaughton says:

    Can you explain how NHC assigns INVEST numbers. It seems very random. I doubt there have been over 90 potential storms this season.

    • possible idiot says:

      INVESTS are numbered 90 to 99. If a invest is designated after the previous one is 99, it is labeled 90. This may be to prevent confusion with tropical cyclones.

  • ArapahoJoe says:

    Just wondering whether than has been a new video since last Friday 9/24? I would have thought so but I don’t see it and not sure whether there just isn’t one or there is some problem on my end.

  • Anonymous says:

    And the following ‘L’ is for all North Atlantic storms. I believe ‘W’ is for West Pacific systems, and ‘E’ for East Pacific, with ‘B’ for the Bay of Bengal. ‘S’ is also a designation, I believe, but I don’t remember which ocean that applies to.

  • burping says:

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  • slope 2 says:

    I get surprised when I read this story. Please share more information.

  • David S. says:

    Hello, Levi!

    I miss your pre-season forecasts and commentary on the CSU data published by Dr. Gray’s (God rest him) team.

    Are you going to be publishing any new information or videos before the season starts in June?

    Also, what are your thoughts on the NHC having named “naked swirls” repeatedly last season, that didn’t even meet their own definitions and criteria for naming?

    God bless and be well…looking forward to watching your upcoming videos!

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