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August 2023

[Friday] Tracking Franklin and Watching for Development in the Gulf of Mexico

   Posted by Levi at 3:47pm on August 25, 2023




  • Greta says:

    Thanks again for your updates… Always nervous here in Florida, especially gulf storms. Unpredictable and blow up quickly. Thanks for all you do👏

    • Frank D says:

      We cannot say thank you enough for your continued commitment, year after year, to cover the tropical weather developments. Your videos, your website with these models are invaluable and help us and countless other people deal with (possible) tropical storms and (major) hurricanes. You cover it so well with a scientific and factual basis, while keeping it very concise and easy for all to understand. Thank you so much for keeping us safer and helping us navigate the tropical weather better than anybody else does!!!

  • Jamie says:

    Thank you. Long time follower from Florida.

  • Andres T says:

    Stopped watching local news for troprical update in Florida. This is the go to. Best coverage ever.

  • Cp says:

    New-fin-land, not Newfinlind. 🙂

    Long time big fan of yours but I can’t take the mispronunciation any longer! Haha

    “Newfinland understand”

  • Anonymous says:

    Thankfully Franklin will be mostly a fish storm! Unfortunately, Atlantic Canada may not be so lucky…

  • John says:

    Been listening to y’all for years. Used to be on the east coast of Florida, now have property on the coast in the panhandle.Thanks so much for what y’all have done for a very long time now.

  • Brandon Arnold says:

    Over the past two or three years I have been turning to Dr. Cowan and his amazing tropical discussions and videos to help me keep track of storms that may impact my area. I live in south Georgia so although we are not directly on any coastline we are close enough to feel effects of systems that happen to pass close to places like Tallahassee and points inland from there. In 2018 Hurricane Michael passed directly to our west within about 50 miles (still a category one hurricane at the time) so we do get tropical weather here. Levi focuses on the science and data to give excellent information that is rarely ever incorrect. Love the channel Levi! Continue doing this incredible work!

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