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August 2014
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96L Difficult to Predict – Will Meander in Bahamas for Multiple Days

   Posted by Levi at 7:29pm on August 23, 2014




  • Jim Tobin says:

    I believe that small Island is West Caicos…

  • Jack Wills says:


    Been following your posts for many years now. Any chance that this could turn into a Charlie type storm?

  • Patti Lauer says:

    Hi Levi,
    Great job! I really do not like having a storm right off the SE Fla coast still developing and no one can really know where it could go. When they are this close, it is hard to be comfortable until they start moving away. Thanks for the update!

  • Tim Perkins says:

    Levi: Love your expertise. Any chance the broad ridge over the Southeast deflects the storm far to the west for a Texas landfall?

    • Levi says:

      A new trough will come in and erode the ridge in about 5 days, so westward progress would be very limited. This won’t be going to Texas.

  • joey brown says:

    Hey levi been watching your updates for quite some time keeping a close eye up here in the Florida Panhandle..keep up the good work buddy

  • Robert Haynes says:

    This little disturbance is more nail-biting than most TV shows

  • momo says:

    Hello everyone ;

    Korean model KMA predict show the storm affect the west coast of Florida and progress to Georgia and Carolina ?

    this model is based on the UM of MetOffice ( UKMET )

    first map : valid : +96h ( 27/08 12z )
    2nd map : valid : +156h ( 30/08 00z )

    thanks you :)

  • dave says:

    I wouldnt worry about the brain farts Levi.Wait till you are older they become longer and more frequent.

  • kt says:

    Is there a chance for a pensacola hit or is it looking less likely?

  • John says:

    Great update. Thank you!

  • AD33 says:

    During Francis, we had quite a bit of damage due to duration as she crawled up the east coast of FL
    Faye totally stalled and dumped rain here for days.

    If we get anything from this at all, a blend of those 2 would be likely bet. Either way, our beaches are going to take a beating

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