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August 2015

Thursday Evening: Erika Causing Major Flooding, Still Potential Threat to U.S.

   Posted by Levi at 12:33am on August 28, 2015




  • Mary McDonald says:

    Excellent discussion. This East Coast Floridian thanks you for the great explanations 🙂

  • Carol Mahler says:

    Again thanks, Levi. Always appreciate your clear and concise
    explanations & forecasts. I usually re-post your videos on
    my Facebook page, as I have many friends here in FL.

  • Matt says:

    Hi Levi, thank You for sharing this informative video, I really enjoyed your analysis. One thing I learned, when I was on The island Dominica it is pronouned DOM-i-NEEK-a Different from The Dominican Republic

  • DVG says:

    Just want to say thanks. Part of your silent fan club.

  • HarryCane says:

    Hi Levi, Thank You for the great video. Will it take the low level center to go inland to affect the structure of the storm , or can the storm be affected still if center stays just off shore?

    • Levi says:

      It doesn’t have to pass directly over. The mountains can severely disrupt inflow and insert downsloping dry air into the storm’s core. Sometimes the track will be along the coast, but frictional effects pull the storm inland to its death. There are many ways the great hurricane shredder can do its work.

      • HarryCane says:

        Thanks again Levi, Lets hope the shredder does its job so it brings light winds and overcast skies to Florida and neighbors on Monday/

  • Rick B. says:

    Thanks again for a very informative video. Your explanation of the overall pattern is greatly appreciated. Personally, I’m hoping and praying that the mountains of Hispaniola really weaken this potentially dangerous tropical cyclone.

  • Eric Carson says:

    Hey Levi,
    I also look to your analysis of tropical systems. I’m an ocean rescue lifeguard in East Central Florida and a homeowner 6 houses in from the beach, so I really appreciate your expertise!

  • Joe says:

    I want to alert people to a major killer after hurricanes, and tornadoes where there are downed power lines.

    It’s called “Step Potential” when a high voltage power line is on the ground, the ground becomes energized up to 40 feet away, when you walk, or stand on this electrified ground, you are instantly electrocuted.

    Search Step Potential, and / or watch the videos on YouTube.

  • Mike says:

    Since there are multiple vortices, would Erika have an easier time reforming after island disruption? Seems like since there is no strong central structure that it may be beneficial in this instance. Thoughts?

  • Reid says:

    Nice ….

    You were spot on with your explanation yesterday, or the day before of what it would take for Erika to align herself vertically.

    Amazing that most of the explosions in condensation took place beginning at Dmin. Any reason why Dmin for the past two days? What’s up with that?

    Why would Dmin be more favorable in an environment like this?

    Thanks …

  • Brian Osburn says:

    I went Fanboy on TropicalTidbits tonight!

  • Steve says:

    Levi thanks a bunch for the specific way and level you discuss these forecasts. I can honestly say that i learn more in one of your seven minute video clips than i ever do poring over tons of books and internet sites.

    With the internet when one is starting out as a total newbie to the fascinating world of meteorology one often can’t see the wood for the trees due to such a mass of information overload available. Lots of things that i have read and studied are becoming instantly clearer with your videos.

    The most pleasing aspect is while i’m listening to you i’ll go to ask a question in my mind and before i get set to go Googling post video you automatically and naturally add an explanation in the flow of your talk.

    On behalf of many people thank you very much it’s as if i’ve stumbled upon a goldmine, please continue these videos for as long as you are able to find the time and inclination to do so.

    I wish you covered mainland storms/tornados as well as tropical.

    • Levi says:

      Thank you for the very kind words! I’m glad you find the videos helpful.

      • Brian Osburn says:

        Big changes in Erika overnight…and even more uncertainty at this hour! However, your briefings on Erika have been some of your finest work. You covered every possible outcome for this storm, with concise explanations.

        I am still in awe of your presentation skills. You’re a superstar!

  • S Lightner says:

    Quick question: so the blue in the European model means a low? is there a place that interprets or gives a legend so one can read it? And the same for the GFS model – you pointed out that trough… will that be part of the steering currents away from LA and TX?
    Thanks very informative.

    • Levi says:

      The blue on the maps in this video would highlight troughs and lows, yes. You could see the trough near the TX/LA border on both the ECMWF and GFS models. This trough should prevent Erika or her remnants from getting too far west in the gulf if it enters the gulf.

  • ElConando says:

    Your videos are really helpful bringing some clarity to a confusing situation,I’m sure it’s frustrating for you to track too. If the storm dissipates over Haiti could the remnants still come to Florida?

  • Alex says:

    What do you think about Erika’s continued westward movement, instead of the Northwestward movement, indicated by the models?

  • madden nfl 17 says:

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