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September 2017

[Tuesday Evening] Extraordinarily Dangerous Hurricane Maria Approaching the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico

   Posted by Levi at 8:23pm on September 19, 2017

Latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center on Hurricane Maria

Latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center on Hurricane Jose




  • Steve says:

    We are watching HISTORY being made…

    We likely will NOT see a STRONGER hurricane in our lifetime than what we’re seeing with Hurricane Maria. 909mb!! As a meteorologist, it’s hard to wrap my head around this.

    The people I bought my home from 12 years ago moved to St. Croix. My thoughts and prayers are with them tonight as Maria bears down on yet another hurricane-helpless U.S. Virgin Island.

    Levi, keep up the great work–enjoy all of your updates!

    Steve Norris
    Cincinnati, OH

  • Margot says:

    You do an amazing job explaining it all. Thank you so much.

  • Bob Mournighan says:

    Thanks! I have friends and relatives in Puerto Rico (Vieques Is.); your analysis is very much appreciated! They made it through Irma. Hopefully, all will turn out OK. Thank you!

  • Nick says:

    Sobering forecast – but thanks Levi – we believe that your forecasts helped save lives in the Eastern Caribbean – our thoughts turn to those in St Croix – so cruel bearing in mind that islands crucial role in getting aide to the rest of the VI and on to Puerto Rico.
    With Irma 3 million citizens in Florida had an option to escape north – on PR there is no such option.

  • Bishops says:

    What has changed off the coat of Africa to provide such an ideal environment of this barrage of storms?

  • jackie says:

    No words, other than this year’s hurricane season activity may become less rare as we head into the future. There is zero doubt that ocean temperatures have been heating up and we are starting to see the drastic effects of that. Thank heavens for the scientists like Levi.

    • Jim Hunter says:

      Jackie, is that why it’s been 12 years since the last major hurricane? It’s weather and the curves along the SE coast and NE coast are curved for a reason…millions of years of hurricanes.

  • Frank Wolking says:

    I’m a Florida native and I follow the tropical weather with an intensity that some find strange. Your forecasts (as well as this site) are the most useful and informative I’ve found to date. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the analysis and tools you provide to make intelligent decisions when the natural inclination is to panic. Forewarned is forearmed. Keep up the great work and thanks! If there are any relief funds that you find effective for alleviating the tragedy that has befallen our Caribbean brothers and sisters perhaps you could let us know.

  • Rebecca Hamilton says:

    Thank you so much for your extensive and enduring coverage of Irma and Maria especially on Twitter. Myson is a marine biologist on St Thomas and you have been my go to for information.

  • Joseph says:

    This year is like the years 2002, 2004, & 2005 all rolled into 3 hurricanes.

  • stan chaz says:

    Just to let you know that I did not receive your Tuesday blog update as is usual, and had to go directly to your website . Perhaps others had the same issue….

  • SAR Jim says:

    I’m hopeful that St. Croix will be spared the worst of Maria if the storm passes fer enough west and the eye and wind fields remain small. Unfortunately, we’ve already seen from Irma’s passage through St. John, that not much has changed in the USVI government since Hugo in 1989. In the face of reports of widespread looting in St. John, once again. the Virgin Islands governor has denied anything is happening, the local police force has broken down, and the local National Guard has proven it’s not up to the task of providing security when there’s a natural disaster. After Hugo there was such widespread looting and lawlessness that a combined force of the FBI, federal marshals, and Airborne troops and MPs had to be flowin to regain control. I doubt much has changed since then. I was a liveaboard in the Virgins for a couple years and, although it’s one of the most beautiful spots in the world, it’s a good place to leave early in the face of a hurricane.

    Regards, Jim

  • Charles Carlson says:

    Thanks so much for providing a very watchable analysis of these tropical storms. As an amateur weather guy with a passion for science and climate, I find your presentations terrifically interesting and informative. Of course, in these instances my interest is tempered by compassion for everyone in harms way. The knowledge provided by observation and testable theory is our best defense. A key part is dessiminating that knowledge base, and these short blogs are filled with inviting speculations and thought experiments. It’s a real service to public education. Thanks again!

  • Joseph says:

    Is it unusual to have 3 massive hurricanes hit land in a season like this year? 2005 had Katrina. 2002 & 2004 were intense years for Florida. What seems different about this year, & people are saying it will snow in Biloxi this winter.

  • Rebecca Jacobs says:

    Levi… are the best! Thank you! I am a south Floridian since 81… husband born here 1957… neighbor lived here all his life and is in his 80’s now. Never seen a season like this, since broadcasted. He did remember the 1949 hurricane, that he said was really bad. So do not know why, or if iit is an indication of future years. But upon observation, I can personally say… is much hotter, the beach is like a hot tub, and my pool temp has been the hottest it has ever been this year. My deciduous trees never lost their leaves this winter either. Even seeing bonefish this far north in Ft Pierce. Used to have to go to the keys for that type fishing. I hope this year is not a picture of what to expect for our future seasons, I really do…..God Bless all who have been affected this season. Especially those who felt the worst of the horrendous storms. Levi…..thank you for the info, and the calm way you explain things. No hype….just the real deal <3

  • Sonia Novak says:

    My mom lives in Rincon. I have no way to
    Reach her or to even know if she is okay.
    I can only hope PR begins recieving all the
    aid they need and they are able to rebuild

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